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Infix PDF Editor Review

The Microsoft Word documents are very easy to edit. You just have to open the targeted one, edit that and save that. It is as simple as that. But you cannot do the same with a PDF file. Two things can be done for editing the PDF files. First, that should be converted to Word which can be converted then. After editing, the converted Word files should be saved as PDF again. Another process is to use a PDF editor tool which can edit the PDF files just like a simple document. If you like the second process then I can recommend you the Infix PDF Editor.

The Infix PDF Editor discount is available for both Infix Standard and Infix Professional. The coupon for this Iceni tool is applied with the tool.

There are three different editions of this product. Those editions are:

Standard Edition Features

More or less, we all are friendly with the word processing tools. This product is just like that kind of tool. The only difference is it can deal with the PDF files. This software will help you to edit not only the texts but also the other contents. The font size of the texts of entire file can be changed very easily. Even the images can also be edited. Between multiple PDF files, the Infix PDF Editor Standard will let you exchange the copied texts and graphics. It provides very impressive replacing facility. You can easily search any word or phrase from the documents and replace those with others. Most important thing is, Iceni Infix PDF Editor is not only a PDF editor, but also an impressive PDF maker. From the other types of documents, it can create perfect PDF files. As per this 9 November 2015, price of this product is only $99.

Infix Professional Edition

The Infix Professional provides all the features of the Standard edition of the same product. Some additional features have made more efficient. The main advantage of this software is the OCR technology. For this facility, it can deal with the scanned documents for editing. It also can work with the PDF portfolios with high efficiency. It will let you create one large PDF file by attaching many of those. Text and image redaction program is another huge advantage of this. Infix Professional will let you use the cloned objects in various pages of the same file. You can easily add and delete watermarks with this. Due to these advanced features, the price of this product is $159 which is more than that of the Standard Version. But don’t worry, there is coupon available for Infix PDF Editor Professional. This 15% discount is mentioned.

PDF Editor Server and Coupon

The server edition of this product is also offered. Single Server Perpetual License of this product can be purchased by £9,995 as per 2015 ~ 2016. You can also choose the Pay-As-You-Go package. In this case, you just have to pay 50p for each edited page. This version of Infix has the capability to work with any kind of web-based systems. This is actually the command line driven tool which is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

The Infix coupon for the cool PDF Editor Standard and Professional edition is illustrated above, so get the promo for this Iceni tool.