InfiniteWP Coupon, Addons with Discount Pricing 2016

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With the InfiniteWP coupon, you can basically get some price off on purchase. This discount will be provided as 20% cash rebate on any amount spent, and details for getting the cash back is mentioned in the image.


Additional coupon code should not be needed for the WordPress Multi Site solution.

InfiniteWP Reviews and Features

As WordPress is the most popular CMS of the world, a person may have different sites on it. If you have several sites of this CMS, then you must have managed those nicely. But the truth is you will face problems for logging in to each site to manage that. This is really boring and time consuming. There is an alternative solution for this. You can use the InfiniteWP which is simplified platform for managing multiple WordPress sites. Its features are really rich and you can also use various add-ons with it. Here are the highlights of this management console.

Also the InfiniteWP discount is mentioned above, which could be get with the coupon code. There are a number of addons available for purchase. When you buy 3 or more addons, there is basically 10% coupon available for this WordPress multi site management system.

Easy Login & Updates

InfiniteWP will show you all your sites in one place when you will open it. To enter any site you just have to point on that from the list. You can easily access the admin panel of the selected site. In the app interface, you will see the “Open admin here” option. By choosing this option you can open the admin panel instantly from the app. There is another option “Open admin” which will help you to open the panel to new tab. With this app, you can open your site with ease. New posts can be created and posted from the opened admin panel. InfiniteWP is very helpful for updating the contents of the websites. It is very much important to update the themes and plugins. You can search for the updates depending on different terms. The available updates under the same website can be found and all the items can be updated nicely. You can get the updates depending on the version of WP. It can be used for finding the necessary updates for all the websites you have.

InfiniteWP Coupon

Backup Your Websites

InfiniteWP WordPress multisite management plugin is very much efficient for backing up the WordPress sites. For this, you have to click on the “Create New Backup” option and choose the targeted website. You have to insert the backup name and then it will complete its task quickly. Multiple sites can be taken into count at the same time. Restoration process offered by this product is also very much easy. You can restore the backup files and folders whenever you need. The important thing is InfiniteWP will let you manage as many WordPress sites as you want.

InfiniteWP Pricing and Coupon

Normally everybody uses different types of themes and add-ons for different WordPress websites. With this app, you can easily find customize and manage those contents. You don’t have to pay any price for using this app. But for using all the 19 add-ons, without promo code pricing and coupons, you have to pay $399 as per 20 March 2015. The pricing of each of the plugins is $49-$99. Broken Link Checker will let you find out and eliminate the broken links from the sites. The Malware Scanner is very effective for providing malware free environment. For providing the details of WP works, you can use the Client Reporting add-on. Other add-ons or InfiniteWP are also very important.

The above InfiniteWP coupon in 2016 applies for buying 3 to 5 addons, though there is no such discount available here for InfiniteWP Addon Suite.