Inetlab.MMS.MM7 Client/Server Library Coupon and Discount

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Grab nice 10% cash back for purchasing any of the below 2 licenses. This cashback will be provided as Inetlab.MMS.MM7 coupon.

Please see the IMMCSL image below for details.

Inetlab.MMS.MM7 Client/Server Source Code

Inetlab.MMS.MM7 Client/Server Developer License


InetLab Mobile Internet Solutions do not offer so many products. But it offers two very important solutions. Inetlab.MMS.MM7 Client/Server Library is one of the products of this company. It is a .NET library for exchanging multimedia messages very efficiently. For tons of features and facilities, huge number of value-added service providers like this solution.

Inetlab.MMS.MM7 Client/Server Library Review

Normally, you cannot send multiple multimedia messages from a single MMSC. For doing so, MM7 protocol can be used and you must take help from a .NET library. Unfortunately, this kind of product is not that much available. InetLab Internet Solutions offers a reliable solution for this task. The name of that product is Inetlab.MMS.MM7 Client/Server Library. This product is suitable for working with any kind of Multimedia Messaging Service Center. So many necessary features and affordable pricing plans are the main attractions of this solution. If you liked the features of IMMCSL, then purchase with our coupon. The Inetlab.MMS.MM7 discount is going to make the tool cheaper. Some of these features and benefits are:

Some Important Features

Inetlab.MMS.MM7 is capable of dealing with every incoming and outgoing MMS message very efficiently. There can be various contents of a multimedia message. For example, in an incoming MMS, there can be audio and video information. This solution will extract those very efficiently. While sending an MMS, you may need to use a Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language file. Inetlab.MMS.MM7 is capable of working with this kind of file without any problem.

Standalone HTTP Server

There are some tools which depend on the external HTTP servers for receiving multimedia messages from a multimedia message service center. But, the Inetlab.MMS.MM7 Client/Server Library has built in full-featured HTTP server. For this reason, there will no problem to deal with incoming MMSs anymore. If you want to grab every opportunity offered by an IIS Server, then this solution will allow you to use ASP.NET HTTP Handler. This additional tool will take all the advantages of an IIS Server.

IMMCSL Plans, Pricing and Discount

Inetlab.MMS.MM7 is not a very costly tool. If you want to offer value added services to your clients, this product will not make much effect on the balance sheet. Only €99 should be paid excluding the discount for the Source Code License of this product. This source code is based on C# and you will be able to deal with this very easily. For the deep integration into any project, this solution may need to be modified. As you will get full source code, there will be no restriction for the modification. In terms of performance, this license is better than the Developer License. But Inetlab.MMS.MM7 Client/Server Library Developer License used for multiple number of applications at a time. Cost of this license is only €299 as per the date of writing this post. It has come with the top priority facility. Both these licenses offer one year free updates.

Hence, please have the library with our discount. We are expecting that the Inetlab.MMS.MM7 coupon will meet your satisfaction.