Incapsula Review : Get an Exclusive Pricing for the Product

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Since the acceleration of the web contents, it is very important to take help from the content delivery networks. These networks have the servers all around the world. From those servers, the contents will be delivered to the user devices in minimum loading time. There are several companies offering the CDNs. Among those, the Inperva is a reliable company and this company provides the Incapsula.

A Short Review of Incapsula

This is not just an ordinary content delivery network because it has some additional features. DDoS protection, strong website security and load balancer programs have been integrated with this. Here are some main features and benefits of this product:

Strong CDN and Security

Incapsula offers very strong content delivery network. This CDN is distributed all over the world by several powerful and reliable datacenters. Each of those datacenters is capable of delivering the data very efficiently to the end users. Various dynamic caching technologies are also used in this content delivery network.

And there are various cache control options too. The network topology used in Incapsula is of self-healing mesh type. That is why it is more effective. It has a very powerful web application firewall and other integrated security programs.

Plans and Pricing

Various plans are offered for the Incapsula. All of those are available with comfortable pricing. For the professional blogs, you can purchase the Pro Plan by paying 59 USD per month for each site. This one offers all the features discussed above. The Business Plan is more powerful and this one is for the Small Business sites. As per this post writing time, the monthly price of this plan is only USD 299 per website. For both of these two paid plans, free trial versions are available

If you want to use the Incapsula for Medium or Large websites, then the Enterprise edition is perfect. For knowing the price and getting the trial version, you can contact with the Inperva team. Before purchasing any of these tree paid plan, you can use the Free Plan. But this one offers only a few features and is perfect for personal blogs.

Some Advanced Facilities

The prices of the Business and Enterprise plans of Incapsula are high. The main reasons behind this is, these plans offer some advanced features including all of those of the Pro plan. The Business Plan includes very strong protection program against the DDoS attack. So the flood of unfair traffics will stop by this.

Both the network layer and application layer DDoS attacks will prevent by this. This plan also supports the SSL certificates. Incapsula Enterprise edition offers more features including all these. Custom security rules and real time monitoring are the main facilities of this product. More advanced DDoS protection is another advantage of this. This one offers 24/7 support and custom branding facilities.