iKeyMonitor Monitoring Tool Review: Get an Awesome Pricing

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One of the most important things for any spy tool is the invisibility of that tool. Most of the spy tools are not completely invisible and that is why those cannot provide the necessary results all the time. Another most important feature is the efficiency. In both these cases, the iKeyMonitor is one of the best. That means, it can work invisibly with high efficiency. So this product can be chosen and this can be used for monitoring the mobile phones. Let’s look at the features of the iKeyMonitor cell phone spy software.


Why to choose the iKeyMonitor

As we said above that the invisibility is one of the best features of this product, the user of the targeted mobile phone will not be able to understand that this software is spying on his device. It will automatically start working whenever the mobile phone will be started up. To know the keystrokes of the mobile phones, you will be able to use the keylogger program of the iKeyMonitor.

So, this product will help you to know the password and other data types from the targeted devices. Which websites have been visited from the devices can be monitored with the help of this software very easily. This spy software will not only help you to get the report on the sent and received text messages from the mobile phones, but also it will send you the report on the WhatsApp messages and the chat logs.

Details of the Main Features

Facebook and other social media activities are very necessary things to monitor and the iKeyMonitor will let you monitor those very efficiently. This innovative spy software is remotely accessible so that you will face no problem to spy on the targeted device at all. It has the capability to send all the reports through the emails. Sometimes the screenshot from the phones need to be taken and in those cases the iKeyMonitor will help you very much to provide a clear view of the screens. No matter where you stay in the world, you will be able to use this product because it supports various languages.

Trial Versions and Compatibilities

If you choose the iOS version of the iKeyMonitor then you will be able to download the trial version for using 3 days without any cost. On the other hand, if you need to use the trial version of this product on your Android mobile phone, then you will be allowed to use that for 7 days. The iKeyMonitor software is compatible with the Android operating system from 2.3 Version to the latest version. On the other hand, it is perfectly compatible with all the releases of the iOS. That means, you can use this software in all types of iOS devices.