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iCopyBot plist Editor Discount

Overview of the iCopyBot plist Editor Pro

Normal and commonly used software programs are provided by so many companies and there are some companies which provide some exceptional type of products. iCopyBot is such banner which has so many unique products under its banner. Most of the products of this company can be used in the Mac computers or iPhone. iCopyBot plist Editor is such software which can be used in the Windows computers to read and customize the plist files which are commonly used in the Mac computers and iPhones. So have iCopyBot plist Editor coupon price on purchase. The discount could be availaed as mentioned procedure above.

Important Features of This Software

The property files in the Mac OS can be called the plist files because it is the format of those files. Some of those files can be provided into XML format and in some cases those can be given as binary format. So it is very important to pick up such software which can work with both of these formats. iCopyBot plist Editor Pro is such software which will let you customize the plist files in both the XML and binary formats. After editing or customizing those, this software will also let you open those into XML text view. The property list mode is another mode which can be used for opening the plist files and iCopyBot plist Editor Pro will let you open those in this manner.

When working with the plist files, you may need to watch the data property any time. In those cases, you don’t have to go through difficulties if you have this product of the iCopyBot brand. It has the build in decoder which will let you convert the selected lines or data lines into different types of editable contents and most important thing is it can convert those automatically into suitable formats by sensing the data types. It will let you replace different contents with others and that is why you don’t have to rewrite all the contents all the times. The undo option of this software is very impressive because it will let you get back to the previous state of the plist files. So there will be no worries if you made any mistake while editing such files. Syntax checking tool of this software can be used before storing the selected content for confirming that there is no syntax error. Though this software can complete the complex tasks, the user interface of this is very friendly and so it can be handled comfortably.

Different Editions and Discount

Two free editions and one pro edition are available for the iCopyBot plist Editor. First of all you can choose the trial edition or the free lite edition of this product to assume the features of it. The price of the Pro edition is only $34.95 as of 11 October 2014. With 10% iCopyBot plist Editor discount coupon, it will also reduce some more. You can use with Windows 7 or older edition of Windows operating system.