iContact Small Business Review | Get Pricing for Email Marketing

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Email marketing is common nowadays and it is followed in most of the businesses. For the small businesses, it is very much effective. But depending on only the email marketing is not the most effective thinking. So, considering all these, the iContact Small Business is my recommendation.

iContact Small Business Review

iContact Small Business actually has taken the email marketing to the next position. With this, business automation solution can also use for making the business more successful. Here are some solutions of this brand:

iContact Small Business

Effective Email Marketing

The email marketing solution of the iContact will help you in every step. With the help of this, you can create the messages very easily. In this case, you can use the necessary templates. One of the main targets of this type of marketing is creating the profitable list. Various tools have been integrated in this product to help you to create and manage the lists.

The new contacts can be added to the list very easily. You can import those from the Facebook page or websites or from the other locations. Getting the email addresses is not the only important thing. You have to no more details about those to make your campaigns more effective. iContact Small Business will help you to do so. It supports the autoresponder integration for the email marketing also. Very advanced spam checking program has been added. This tool will ensure that the email have been reached to the targeted inboxes.

Marketing Automation Software

iContact provides very powerful solution for handling the campaigns. This one actually includes the Email Marketing solution with some more useful features. A/B testing facility is one of the best additional feature of this. The workflow automation facility is available with this to deal with the subscribers easily and more efficiently. The success and failure of the campaigns should track all the times. The Marketing Automation Software of iContact will help you to track such reports anytime you want. To engage the subscribers, social media campaigning is very important too. This product will let you post the contents to the social media and engage more people with those.

Completely Affordable Pricing

Depending on the number of subscribers, pricing of the solutions are different. The most popular option is to purchase any one of these for 5 thousand subscribers. In this case, the monthly price for the Email Marketing platform will only be $52 as per 19 July 2016. And for the same number of subscribers, you can get the Pro Automation facility by paying $129/month. Your target may not be that many subscribers. So small plans of iContact Small Business are available too. You can get the Email Marketing for 500 subscribers only by paying 14 USD per month. And the Pro Automation facility can enjoy by paying 99 USD per month.