iCafeMenu Review: Get an Exclusive Pricing

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iCafeMenu is defined as a game update based solution and the iCafe game menu system. This is very flexible to operate for the client users and the server users. The game up-gradation policy is maintained in an automatic way through this.

iCafeMenu Review

For this system, there exist two platforms. The first one is valid for server and other one is available for clients. The games are mainly synchronized on the client and server section fluently. The client users will be able to continue their game mission almost from any desired position through the server support of iCafeMenu.

Why this Solution?

In the traditional case, the gamers need to update the available games with the new patches. Besides, they will also need to download the new games and the corresponding activities. To eliminate all of these activities, iCafeMenu is very flexible for the users. This solution is able to upgrade all the needed functions and tools of any game. After that, it also maintains the task of making a proper combination of the client user and the server section.

Working Process for iCafeMenu

For the internet cafes, there is an important factor which is the downloading process of new games. After that, they also need to upgrade the existing games with the new patches. In maintaining this task through a manual process, you have to spend a lot of time. To overcome this limitation, this automatic game up-gradation tool can be applied. It applies a strong relationship among Internet Cafe based server, IDC server, and the game updater. This uses the P2P technology where you will observer peer, seed, and tracker. For the tracker server, there exists Youngzsoft IDC server. The internet cafe server acts like the peer server. These peers are able to transfer the data to each other. The last one is the game updater which acts like a seed. In the working section, as he peer will be started, it submits the corresponding installed games info to Youngzsoft IDC server. When any peer needs to download any game, it will have to connect with the tracker at the initial level. Then, the tracker will provide the needed info to that peer. After that, this specific peer will be able to know that which peers have already installed this game. Then, this peer will establish the connection with a peer which has already installed that game. From this part, it can download the needed games. After downloading the games, that peer will act like a seed.

Pricing Issue of iCafeMenu

In case of getting this package for a single month, you need to pay only $1 for each PC. For the annual condition, only $10 is needed to pay/PC. In every package, the needed supports are offered.