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HyperSnap Coupon

Features and Review of HyperSnap

In case of some websites, it can be seen that the text copying cannot be done with those. This may force you to retype several portions. But you can easily use text capture tool to collect those portions of the websites. Now forget about the website and think about others. Suppose you are playing games and need to take a snapshot of the game screen. You can use screen capture tool for that. There are several other reasons why you may need these tools. It is not necessary to purchase this separately. HyperSnap is the combination of both screen and text capturing tools. If the features and review of the product impressed you, then have it through the aforementioned link to receive discount and coupon. You don’t to apply any additional coupon code here to get the offer. Some features of this product are:

Multiple Monitor Capturing

There are several tools which can capture the single screen only. But the HyperSnap has the capability to deal with multiple monitors with same efficiency. It does not mean every time you have to capture the entire screen. It can take the image of any area of the targeted screen. Even the drop down menus on the websites can also be captured by this software. For capturing the images, you can take help from various frames. By using the free hand snapshot feature, it will let you choose area with your hand drawn area. It will not take your permission to save the captured photos. Automatically it will store those to the targeted location. The editable texts from the screen can be selected and paste to others.

Coupon and Pricing & Volume Discounts

According to 21 November 2015, cost for the single license of this Hyperionics product is only 39.95 USD without the coupon. This unit cost will be valid for one to four licenses. But if you get this for more computers, this cost will be reduced. Suppose one need to purchase 5 to 9 licenses of HyperSnap. In that case, the unit price will only be 35 USD. Similarly, it can also be purchased for 10 to 24 devices at the same time. For each of those, the customers have to pay 33 USD. You will be amazed to hear the cost of this product for a large number of devices. The unit cost will only be $4 if anyone gets five thousand or more licenses of HyperSnap at a time. So it is suitable and more cost effective for the official uses. This advanced solution can work with old and latest versions of Windows operating system.

Built in Image Editor

The built in image editor of HyperSnap screen capture software has made this product more powerful. After taking the image of the screen, it will let the user to edit those before saving. Any of the objects of the images can be hidden very easily. Similarly, more things can be added and deleted without problems. HyperSnap supports different output formats so that those can be shared through various media. The image editor also has the Redo and Undo facilities. That means you can easily get your images to previous stages of editing.

So, if you liked the aspects of the product, then have it with the HyperSnap coupon by following the above mentioned procedure. This discount from Hyperionics will help you to get the product at a much affordable price.