Hostwinds VPS Hosting Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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Most of the hosting providing companies achieve their popularity for specific products. Hostwinds offers different kinds of hosting services. But this company is well-known for the Virtual Private Server based hosting. It offers the VPS hosting of Linux platform mainly. But the servers on Windows and other platforms are also available here. Let’s have a look at some of the main virtual private servers offered by this hosting provider:

Hostwinds VPS Hosting

A Small Review on the Hostwinds

This is the Linux based premium hosting service of the Hostwinds. It has come with real time route optimization facility. You don’t have to worry about the protection of your server because DDOS protection has been added into this. And more importantly, it has the 100% uptime guarantee.

That means, your server will never be down. Enterprise standard hardware and full management console is the other important features of this Hostwinds product. You will enjoy the nightly backup service of this premium service.

Windows Based Servers

Many people do not prefer the Linux based virtual private servers. For them, Hostwinds offers very impressive Windows servers. These servers are very much powerful and reliable. Appreciable speed has made this product very much recommendable option.

One of the finest features of the Windows VPS is, this service has been integrated with the KVM Virtualization Software. That is why, you will be able to remotely run the Windows applications. That means, the persons who are friendly with the Windows computers, will be able to handle these VPS without problems.

Minecraft Hosting Facility

Hostwinds is the provider of Minecraft SSD Hosting and it is one of the unique services. This service has come with guaranteed RAM and high speed SSD storage. Single core and multiple cores CPU options are also available to choose. Just like the other VPS hosting of this company, you will also get the root access power. Very impressive protection solution and storm tracking facilities are also offered with this product. You will enjoy the instant setup and scalability of these virtual private servers.

Completely Affordable Pricing

Hostwinds has set reasonable pricing of the plans of each of the products. Premium VPS Hosting of this company have 10 different plans and Tire 1 is the smallest one. This one will offer you 50 GB storage with 1 GB RAM. The monthly price of this one is only $13.59.

Similarly, Windows VPS service is also offered with multiple pricing plans. Among those the smallest one is the Tier 1 which can be enjoyed by paying only $13.50 per month. This one has guaranteed RAM of 1 GB size and 50 GB disk space. The transfer speed will be 100 Mbps.

For the Minecraft VPS hosting of Hostwinds, the pricing will be started from 8 USD per month. Tier 1 plan of this product is offered with 1 GB RAM and 15 GB disk space with 100 Mbps transfer speed. Like all the other products, this VPS service has plenty of plans.