Helicon Ape Coupon: Get Nice Discount and Review

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Helicon Ape

Generally the Apache configuration model is not compatible with the Microsoft IIS. But you can make it compatible with IIS very easily. For doing this task, I can recommend you the Helicon Ape. This powerful tool offers support for both Apache .htpasswd and .htaccess configuration files.

Helicon Ape Review and Features

Microsoft has made an extensible web server named Internet Information Services, popularly known as IIS. It was made to be used with the Microsoft NT family. On the other hand, Apache HTTP Server is an open source and multi-platform supported web server software. If you can integrate the powers of MS IIS as well as Apache, then more features and facilities can be enjoyed. HeliconTech has offered an impressive solution for this task. If you liked the HA solution, then please purchase with our coupon. The Helicon Ape discount is going to come in handy. The name of that product is Helicon Ape. It has the following benefits and features:

Pretty Amazing Compatibility

The compatibility features of this product are very impressive. Helicon Ape offers easy transition of the Apache websites to the Microsoft IIS. For doing so, it supports .htpasswd and .htaccess and other formats. No modification will be required for this task. Generally, it is not easy to configure any Unix-based app on MS IIS. But this solution will let you configure every Unix-based apps on that platform. Helicon Ape has come with some URL rewriting syntaxes which are compatible with Apache. For different reasons, this solution can perform better than others. It has full-fledged proxy facilities for both the reverse and forward types.

Security and Usability

For some additional features, this solution of HeliconTech can offer more protection. There are some other solutions which depend on ordinary dictionaries. But this solution has built in dictionaries which are offered with strong password protection. This product also offers very efficient security from any kind of DoS attack as well as hotlinking. Helicon Ape has a web request debugging feature too. The usability of this tool is very impressive. You will enjoy the best editing environment offered by it. It offers plain text configuration with necessary syntax highlighting, testing, and other features.

HA Plans, Pricing and Coupon

There are two licenses for the Helicon Ape and both are awesome in terms of pricing. You may need to purchase this solution for a single virtual or physical web server. In that case, Web Server License of it should be purchased. As per 16 June 2017, cost of this license is only 145 USD excluding the coupon. This solution can also be bought for only one website. In that case, only 47 USD should be paid. After purchasing this license, you have to install this on your hosting account. A volume discount facility is available with both licenses of Helicon Ape. For example, if you purchase 5-9 licenses of this product, only 39.95 USD per unit will be the price. Similarly, you will get more discount for larger unit purchases.

Hence, please use the discount to have the HA solution. We are expecting that the Helicon Ape coupon will make HA reasonable for you.