GSA Proxy Scraper Review: Get an Amazing Pricing

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GSA Proxy Scraper is defined as an effective proxy scrapping tool. This powerful program contains the ability to harvest a lot of proxies in a quick process. After harvesting the proxies, it can also test them for observing their performance. In some cases, users have to spend a lot of time in the proxy searching process. To eliminate this issue, this tool is very supportive. Moreover, the websites that are spying on your site can simply be detected through this tool.

GSA Proxy Scraper Review

GSA Proxy Scraper has the ability to find out the needed proxies from the web section by applying some simple steps. The interface section is designed with the user-friendly mood. The users can apply this tool to collect all the needed proxies in a random way. Besides, this program has also added a unique term which is a port scanner which is not available in other proxy harvesting solutions.

Core Activities inside This

Through the smart tagging tool of this tool, the users will be able to create the custom based proxy tags. The custom proxy tag can filter the available proxies in an automatic way by depending on the need. The corresponding filtering and exporting systems manage the way to control the organizing task of available proxies in an automatic way. It can easily export the corresponding proxies to the FTP server, email, local destination or any desired location. The user just needs to select the path and this proxy generator will maintain that task automatically.

Powerful Functionalities offered here

Proxy Testing: GSA Proxy Scraper is a powerful proxy harvester. Besides, it is able to test the newly proxies that have been scraped against the website. The proxy tags ensure the system to separate the available proxies by depending on the type. For the corresponding task, you can use any specific proxy from the available categories. Inside this, you will get an option named as a port scanner. This powerful system ensures the users scan the port ranges as well as the IP to find out the more proxies in a short time. This scanner is designed with the multi-threading condition. Due to this issue, the searching process is very fast. Then, the proxy filtering issue will appear. It is able to filter the corresponding proxies by depending on speed, country, Google passed and other issues. In the export system of the needed proxies, some helper functions are provided with this tool. It can act as the personal VPN while getting the support from internal proxy server section.

Pricing Issue of GSA Proxy Scraper

To get a single license of GSA Proxy Scraper, the users need to pay only $97. Within this license, all the needed supports are allowed as a default condition.