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GSA Email Spider

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GSA Image Spider Discount

GSA Email Spider Discount

GSA Email Spider Reviews

This is mainly an email extractor program, though it has some additional features. GSA Email Spider can deal with different types of websites to grab the emails very efficiently. A normal email extractor tool can only collect the email addresses from the websites. But this advanced product of the GSA brand can extract other info like phone number, fax number etc. also. Another essential thing about this software is it has so many filters. With the help of those filters, you will be collecting only the necessary emails from the websites. GSA Email Spider can work very quickly. This is very important because for this you will get more time to complete other tasks of the campaign. More than 500 new email addresses can be collected by this software very in just a minute. For harvesting the emails, GSA Email Spider take help from all the popular search engines.

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Send Email Easily

GSA Email Spider will not only extract the email addresses, it will send the emails to them automatically. That means it will perfectly help you to get new customers in very high rate. It is a very important thing to know how it will send the emails. It actually can send the email safely and quickly with the help of its internal SMTP server. Protections for the confidential emails will be provided by the GSA Email Spider.

One of the biggest advantages of GSA Email Spider is it has the multilingual support. That means you can work with the emails written with multiple languages by this software. The latest version of the GSA Email Spider supports the English and German languages. Before purchasing the paid version of this product, you can use the trial version of it. Such version will not provide you all the features of the actual version. But you will get ideas about its features, of course. Unlimited number of emails can be sent and unlimited number of addresses can be extracted by the paid version. According to 2015, without discount coupon, the price of this is only 99 USD. Comparing to the exclusive features of GSA Email Spider, the price cannot be considered as high.

GSA Image Analyser Features

GSA Image Analyser is a program which is used in general for 2D image. Scientific evaluation is occurring here for the system of analyzing images. Working environment is found here which is comfortable for the people who are involved with image analyzing. Image can be recognized by this . Objects on the image can be counted by this GSA Image Analyser program. Distances of images can also be calculated by this program. Color of photos can be examined here for the analyzing. Various designs are also found here.

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Surface and length related- GSA Image Analyser has the features which are related to surface and length of objects. It is very possible to surface recognition and calculation of the objects of images. A set of function is found here which is used for direct length calculation. The grid size image is also defined GSA Image Analyser.

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