GravityView Review, Sol Stellar & Galactic License

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GravityView Reviews

The use of the online system is getting popular at this time because of the computer system and the communication system. In fact; the communication system depends on the online system almost in every single platform. With the support of the online system, we can easily manage the flexible communication system. Under the online section, web industry is a concerning one. Through the web section, we can easily handle the contact form section which is very effective to communicate with the customers and the clients. To allow the gravity forms based entries on any site, users can rely on GravityView tool. It offers the users to show the entries from on any site. It affords the simplest manner to use the Gravity Forms in any WordPress based site. It can manage the available functions with the corresponding tools and the templates on the site.

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Main Functions Issued

Create Directories: To manage the submissions to the paid directories and the free directories, this is a flexible one platform. It is an appropriate one for the job board section, business listing and the related case. GravityView offers the way to preview a huge amount of data with many variations. For applying this system, you just need to use the drag and drop system and the needed configuration mode. To filter the available entries, it affords the searching and the sorting system. Due to this facility, you can be able to customize the specific data previewing format.

The Packages and Prices

Sol: For this package, you just have to pay $59. Under this GravityView license, you will be supported for a single site. Here, the extension system and the premium views are not included.

Interstellar: This package is valid for three sites with the pricing condition for 3 sites. It supports all the extensions. But it doesn’t support the premium views.

Galactic: This package is effective as it supports 100 sites with the price of $199. It includes all the extensions and the premium views. Moreover, all these packages offer the free up-gradation system for a single year.

Other Functions of this Platform

Data table Integration: GravityView is integrated with the data tables and it is allowed for the tabular data. Here, you can apply the system of browsing, filtering and the sorting process of the available entries.

Entries Management: The users have the opportunity to pick up any needed data or reject any data at the display time. This system is very helpful for the paid submission case. Moreover, all the entries can also be picked up.

Language Support: GravityView is available not only in the English language, but also for another 9 languages like Bengali, Turkish, German, Italian, Dutch etc.

So please have above GravityView review and get any GravityView license and make purchase.