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Gilisoft Screen Recorder Discount

Gilisoft Screen Recorder Overview

To record the activities from any Windows desktop, Gilisoft Screen Recorder is a reliable platform. This holds the simple way to capture every single action that is performed in the desktop section. In all versions of Windows PC, it can manage its activities with full performance. This tool can be used in making the video lecture. When any user wants to record any how-to video clips for helping others in using any program or playing any game, then this screen recording program can be used. This can also take the audio part from the users that can be controlled by microphone. Get this fascinating tool Gilisoft Screen Recorder coupon.

Why This Tool?

Gilisoft Screen Recorder is very effective for recording the games, Skype call as well as the webinars in HD format. This process can be handled without any hesitation or complexity. For the professional level screen capturing section, this assures some advance level functions. After completing the recording process of the video, the users can save them in the compressed file format. This functionality is maintained with real time activity. Avail the product functionalities with the discount coupon.

Available Features of This

Gilisoft Screen Recorder holds the active screen capturing option. It is able to capture from the external device, webcam, computer screen. In the capturing mode, the users can set the window like the full screen, single windows or the selected portion. After the capturing, the real time previewing system is also available. In the capturing time, it takes both the audio and video simultaneously. In this process, there exist no time difference between the video and the corresponding audio.

Powerful Options: In time of capturing, sometimes users need to zoom any specific portion. To enable this process, Gilisoft Screen Recorder offers some user friendly options with the zooming format up to 4X. Within this term, the proper adjustment procedure is handled automatically. It includes H264 Encoder having GPU acceleration.

Additional Facilities: Gilisoft Screen Recorder approves some more features in the screen capturing mode. In case of your need, you can add the watermark in the video files. The watermark may be image file or any text. At the time of capturing the video, the users will get the opportunity to take the snapshot in various formats like .png, .jpg, .bmp etc. These photo snapshots can be added with the desired video lessons. To add the click effects as well as the cursor effect, there exists an additional tool within this. The users can customize the effect at any time. Moreover, the recorded video files can be saved in various formats like MP4, FLV, WMV, AVI etc.

Pricing Issue

The users can use the trial version of this product for some limited days. In case of getting the full license of Gilisoft Screen Recorder, you need to pay only $39.95 without the discount.

Recording your important actions on the Windows desktop with the coupon. We believe that you will enjoy the Gilisoft Screen Recorder discount.