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Gilisoft File Lock Coupon

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Gilisoft File Lock Review

Gilisoft File Lock is a software which can easily help you to lock your important files in your computer. This tool can be helpful because users sometimes need to lock the important files from the computer. This one can do that. People now a day does not use any other method to keep the information. The technology has been advanced and people like to save their work into a file. This enlightens the fact that people also need to keep those files so that the information does not get leaked. The software can help to lock the files and keep the information safe from other hands. Get this software today with our coupon offer. No coupon code is needed in this case to get the Gilisoft File Lock discount.

Main Features

Gilisoft File Lock can hide the files from your folder. Sometimes people have confidential information in their folder. That makes it difficult and important to keep it safe. It can help with that. No matter how big the file is it can make sure that it can hide the files from your computer. It not only hides the files from internal disks, but it also hides the files from external disks. Other people will not be able to find the files, if they will not be able to find the file, then they will not be able to steal the file. Which will keep your confidential files safe from the external threats. This will help users to make their files safe from cyber criminals.

This software also can protect the files and folders by using passwords. People can easily protect their files or folders by simply adding a password for it. Just to say as an example, if a government worker has confidential files in his system then he can protect the files with password. Only he can open the files by using a password. If a folder is made protected by this. No matter how many files gets added to that folder, the folder will still remain password protected. These types of protection can help people to make sure they can use the folder for their personal data because it is safe.

Monitor Your Folder

Users can easily monitor their own folder by using this tool. This will allow users to keep the folder safe out of harm. Users can also monitor the folders and the subfolders if there is any change made.

Pricing Plans and Package

Gilisoft File Lock has a straight forward pricing plan. This software is priced at a moderate rate. People can realize that this type of software has great importance in our society and we should always keep in touch with this kind of software. This software is priced at only $49.95 dollars without the mentioned coupon.

Gilisoft File Lock is a cool tool and the discount offer makes it even cooler. We are hoping that you take advantage of this Gilisoft File Lock coupon and enjoy.