GigeNET Review: Get an Amazing Pricing

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In the hosting industry, a lot of platforms are available for performing various tasks. To assure the dedicated as well as the cloud hosting services, GigeNET is a reliable solution for the users. Besides, it is also able to provide the hybrid hosting with the dedicated services. By depending on your choice, you can pick up the needed server in the hosting category. According to the user facility, the pricing issue will be changed.

GigeNET Review

GigeNET affords the DDoS protection system with the automatic method. It ensures the simple way to protect your server section quite easily. In managing this system, it uses the proxy shield which is very effective for the data protection section. All of these activities are performed with the best privacy mood. To grow up any online business solution, you can also pick up the needed cloud solutions from this platform which contain the needed functionalities and the tools. Besides, it also allows the single click installation process into the favorite app. To handle all these procedures, it affords all the renowned technologies.

Common Activities Inside Here

Dedicated Server Section: The dedicated hosting of GigeNET is reliable because of its uptime support, network performance and the related issue. It affords a wide range of options within the dedicated server section. In the networking section, all the active moods are maintained. For the entry-level users, you can pick up the single processor of the dedicated server. Besides, the dual processor and the quad processor are supportive for the mid-level business solution and large business firm sequentially.

Available Solutions Offered Here

GigeNET Cloud: The cloud hosting solutions are offered from this platform with the needed features and conditions. Within the cloud hosting solution, you will get the opportunity to create the virtual machine, multiple VMs etc. Besides, billing option can be set up here quite simply. After that, additional IP’s can also be added here quite comfortably.

Additional Features: In the additional features, the first one term is the control panel section. With this option, you will be able to control your servers without having much knowledge. The controlling system can be managed from the cloud section. After that, the backup service can be observed here. In this case, you can get the opportunity to reserve the needed data with the proper encryption mood. Due to this facility, the best data protection system is ensured.

Pricing Policy of GigeNET

In the cloud server section, GigeNET offers five different packages. For the beginner level, you need to pay only $14.95/month which supports 20GB SSD disk space, 512 memory, and 1 core CPU. The most popular plan of Cloud section can be purchased through the $36.32/month condition. In the dedicated server section, the pricing policy will be varied by depending on using features.