Genie Timeline Backup Data Storage Pricing: Get an Amazing Review

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In our professional lives, we need to deal with a lot of data. To maintain the best security mood of the essential data, we can simply depend on Genie Timeline. With this solution, the users will be able to backup all the needed data in the desired storage solution.

Genie Timeline Review

As an external drive, you can choose FTP server, network-based drive or any other platform.In controlling the backup mood, it applies the secured technology and user-friendly support. Besides, this allows the flexible term to ensure the backup system in an automatic way.

Effortless Protection

To handle the backup mood of the needed data, it applies three simple steps. At the initial level, it scans all the available files and the folder from the source location. Then, it monitors the activities of those files. Here, it can configure the selection process in an automatic way by using the searching algorithm. Then, it sends them to the destination folder or drives location. In sending the data, it manages effective encryption method with a reliable condition. Because of having this term, the external users will be able to extract the data and use them.

Why This Backup Tool?

Easy and Simple: Genie Timeline is very simple to install and operate. It asks only 2 simple steps for configuring the backup mood. Then, it also allows step by step procedure to handle data restore method. This process is conducted in the background section. It doesn’t use any resource from the client’s PC. So, there is no chance to reduce the computer performance while using this.

Supportive data: Genie Timeline contains the needed functionalities to backup almost all types of data. It can easily save any type of document file. Besides, exe files, audio file, and other files formats can also be saved while using this. While sending the data from the source location to the destination drive, it applies quick synchronization process. Then, you can assure scheduling system to store the data. So, after a fixed amount of timing period, the available data will be backed up automatically.

Additional Support: This data security solution is rapidly used by the large business solutions. To access into the backed up data, Genie Timeline asks admin password. So, any unauthorized user won’t be able to access the sensitive data. Then, at any time, you can also control the data from any remote place. In case of any disaster, the users will be able to retrieve the needed data.

Pricing Condition of Genie Timeline

For a single license of this, it asks only $59.95. In case of getting 3 licenses of Genie Timeline, you need to pay only $149.95. For getting more than 5 licenses, only $30/license is needed.