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Genie Timeline Coupon

Overview of Genie Timeline

Various necessary steps can be followed to protect all the necessary files from the computer. You can save the files from your computer to other external drives or other locations. But one thing you have to consider and that is safety. It is very important to save the files or back up the files safely to other locations. The best solution for this purpose can be to use the Genie Timeline. Various editions of this product are available. From our discussion below, you will be able to know about the features and differences between those editions.

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Home Edition Features

For the easy protection of the files, you can use the Genie Timeline Home edition. To protect those, you just have to follow three stages. It can remove the histories and unnecessary contents to clear more spaces automatically. The health of the backups is very important. That is why this solution provides strong protection to maintain the health of the files. Not only for backing up, but also for restoring the files, this product is helpful. You can get your file back very easily and safely. Separately, you can watch the modified contents, latest contents as well as the deleted ones. The versions of the files can be monitored also. You can work with all types of important data with this product. For example, you can create backups of the documents, audio and video files with the help of Genie Timeline Home. On the other hand, you can move your entire system back to the restoring point. With so many other features, without any coupon or promotion, the price of it is only $39.95 for a single license.

Timeline Pro Advantages

The business users can use this edition of the Genie Timeline. This Pro Edition offers every feature of the Home Edition of the same product. Any type of network or storage that connects to your PC can be used as the location for backups. For confirming the security of your files and folders, you can store those to encrypted drives. This backup system can create and store the backups of such encrypted drives very efficiently. Though this is a very powerful solution, it is light in weight. When your computer will be in idle mode, this solution will work more quickly with its turbo mode. For saving the power, this edition is very effective. Before 2017, normally without the Genie Timeline discount, the price of a single license of it is $59.95.

Timeline Server and Coupon Code

For the maximum protection of the file servers, the business users can choose the Genie Timeline Server from Genie9 site. From the financial documents to the personal files, all can be backed up by this solution. Like the other versions of the Genie Timeline, it also offers three steps for backing up the files. The features of the professional edition are also available in this file server backup solution. For single license of it, you have to pay $250 only.

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