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Coupon for Genie Backup Manager

Genie Backup Manager Review and Coupon

Backup is a word which has a necessity in the computer world, even in the technology. Backup means the process to secure the programs or data included in web business. There are many kinds of software which are needed for the backup services. Files of any computer or others are copied properly by this software. These softwares can manage the backup. So it is also called the backup manager. On the basis of subscription, it gives the security and safety of files, data of all computers. It is very easy to operate. Backup manager can be used as the apps of android. Genie Backup Manager is one kind of backup manager software which is used for the backup programs. It is a wonderful innovation of modern technology. So if you like to have Genie Backup Manager discount, please avail it will the above link. There are coupon code price available for Home, Professional as well as Server edition.

The Major Characteristics

Genie Backup Manager is an operating system of all types of windows system. Many files, data, documents, applications are restored by this manager. Genie- soft Inc develops this program for any small business in the web world of technology. It is a perfect solution of backup and data recovery for the medium type businessmen of web sites. It can give the security of programs by keeping them in a perfect location. It is a fast solution of data or programs backup. It has a normal and simple interface. It has a great appearance and some tools to perform its function appropriately. The files stored in the DVD are also allowed by this software.

Features of Backup Manager

Restoring data with backup- This Genie Backup Manager has the proportionate and consistent power of restoring data and programs. These programs are restored by this manager step by step. It ensures backup of files which are opened in business and the Test Data Integrity tools on it check that backup. It can specify the perfect location of backup and provide it fully and incrementally. An exe file is created to restore the backup files. The catalog is also used here for search the restored backup files and data.

Power of security- it has the power to secure the files in the computer. It has a grade encryption of three levels. TrueCrypt, etc. is used to encrypt the drives of backup. The password giving system is also used here for security.

Recovery and Space Savings

It has also the power of recovery data and save the space. For saving space, ten compression levels are used. Files and systems are selected smartly for disaster recovery. The time of backup services is detected and conducted according to users will. The limitation of backup can also be set by users.

Genie Backup Manager is very simple and can recover all programs. These programs are well furnished by this Genie Backup Manager. So have Genie Backup Manager coupon on purchase. As there is Home 9, Professional 9 edition and Server- 3 editions available, so the discount promo applies for any of those. Just get it as mentioned above and get the reduction.