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G-Lock Email Processor

Normally we use emails for communication. But businessmen can deal with those in more efficient ways. Various information can be found in the emails. If it is possible to extract those information, those will be helpful for more campaigns. G-Lock Email Processor has the ability to do so. Avail all the GLEP features with the discount coupon. Grab this G-Lock Email Processor coupon today.

G-Lock Email Processor Review

There are many software companies to provide various types of tools to deal with emails. But among those, G-Lock Software is one of the best companies. It provides some amazing tools for emailing, managing emails, and processing those. Email Processor is a very popular product of this company. This software is capable of extracting various important information from the huge number of emails. Some other tools of other companies can do the same. But this one has come with more features and facilities. Some of those are as follows:

Amazing Message Processing

Various tasks can be done by the G-Lock Email Processor. After purchasing this software, you don’t have to visit your email accounts regularly. This software will do this task and then process all messages very efficiently. This is one of those few tools which can deal with multiple mail accounts simultaneously. As this software will save huge time, you can use that time to focus on your business goals. Updating database is one of those tasks which should be done regularly. From bulk emails, Email Processor of G-Lock can extract necessary information and store those on databases. You will be allowed to choose the types of data to be extracted from those mails.

Useful Reporting Facility

One of the finest feature of G-Lock Email Processor is its reporting facility. In some mails, there can be purchase information or invoices. This product will collect those information and create beautiful reports. These reports can be saved as either HTML or PDF formats. This software is also capable of working with email attachments. Automatically, it can save attachments to specific folders. When you will make any kind of email campaigns, there can be some bounced mails. Email Processor of G-Lock can be used for processing these bounced items. It can do the same with all kinds of unsubscribed messages. That means, your list will be kept clean all the times.

Very Attractive Pricing and Discount of GLEP

As this tool can minimize so many difficulties, the price of this should be very high. But actually, the cost of the G-Lock Email Processor cannot be considered as very high. As of 25 April 2017, cost of Single User License of this product is only $595 without the discount. This software company also provides a package where this software is included. The name of that package is Email Marketing Bundle 3-in-1 and the cost of that is only $725.05. In this package, G-Lock Email Processor, E-mail Verifier, and EasyMail7 are included. Compare to the single product price, this package is more cost effective.

So, please take advantage of our coupon while purchasing the email automation software. The G-Lock Email Processor discount is expected to satisfy you.