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G-Lock Advanced Email Verifier Discount

Advanced Email Verifier Review

You have to follow proper way to check the email address quality before starting the email campaigns. By doing this task, you can easily enhance the performance of the email campaign quality. But how you will check the large number of email addresses? Well, you can rely on the G-Lock Software Company. The Advanced Email Verifier is one of the best products of this company. This software can work with so many email addresses to check their validity and quality. It has so many built in programs for which it can be chosen by anyone, especially by the email marketers. With the G-Lock Advanced Email Verifier coupon, the price will be cheaper. So have the discount in the above. Highlights of the features of it have been discussed below.

List & Database Checker

This innovative software of the G-Lock brand can not only check the email lists, but also check the entire databases. Each of the email addresses contained in those sources will be checked very efficiently by this software. Some of the addresses are undeliverable, some of those may have domain problems and some of those can be invalid. The GLock Advanced Email Verifier will detect each of the incorrect addresses from the targeted sources. That means this software will ensure that the mailing list will be completely clean and useful. Now you may think that why the clean mailing list is so important. Actually, such list provides two main advantages. One is that will save your bandwidth. You don’t have to try sending emails to the wrong addresses. Hence, your time and bandwidth will be saved. Another benefit is it will restrict the sender email address from blocking. So many servers block the sender email address from which too many bounced emails have been sent. So G-Lock Advanced Email Verifier will protect your email perfectly.

Quickness of Operation

As this software can work the email addresses directly from the databases, it can work very fast. Each and every ODBC databases are supported by the Advanced Email Verifier. Another considerable thing is it needs very small time to take the email addresses into account. This advanced software of the G-Lock Software Company is not only an ordinary email address collector. It will also collect the other contact information from the database for respective email addresses. So you will be able to know easily the name, addresses, mobile number etc. information of each address holder.

Other Features and Discount Coupon

You may receive so many auto reply emails from the recipients of your mailing campaigns. Those replies can be very much disturbing sometimes. The Advanced Email Verifier will automatically delete those messages. The bounced emails can be handled and processes with the help of this software. Prior to 2016, the price of this necessary software is only $99.99 and when applying the G-Lock Advanced Email Verifier discount coupon, the price should be cheaper. A demo version of it can be downloaded anytime also.