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Freshdesk Review and Features

Different types of online chat software are available and these are used in a large number of websites. But all of those are not complete help desk software. The main reason why you can use this type of tool is to provide service to the customer. That is why the help desk facility is more important than the ordinary chat solutions. Freshdesk can be a very good option for you. So many advanced features and advantages are offered by this product. It also has come with several pricing options. That is why, from the newcomers to enterprisers, all can choose this amazing software. The coupon and Freshdesk discount being provided here also brings to you a cool opportunity to enjoy the product at a cheaper price. No additional coupon code is required here. Main features of this tool are:

Perfect Ticketing Facilities

Freshdesk will let the customers to submit their tickets through emails. It actually supports unlimited email accounts. When they will send the mails, related tickets will be shown to the agent’s desk. If there are multiple agents, when will be able to see who is dealing with which tickets. So there will be no possibility that multiple agents are engaged with the same customers. For each of the problems, internal communication between the service agents can be possible. Freshdesk will never let the customers to see the private chatting among the agents. This product also supports the custom phone channel as well as live chatting.

FreshDesk Cash Rebate

Advanced Reporting System

One of the most essential features of the Freshdesk is the advanced reporting facility. Two main things you have to consider. First of all the, customer satisfaction is the most important. This help desk software will help you to get feedback from the customers in resolving their tickets. From their feedback, it can create necessary reports. Whether their tickets have been resolved or not that can be detected from the reports. Similarly it will also show you that the tickets have been resolved in time or not. Another important reports that will be provided by the Freshdesk is the comparison between agents. You can easily find who has provided the better support to the customers.

Impressive Pricing Options and Coupon

Among available five options Sprout is a free plan which can be used by 3 different agents. In you want to use this by more agents, then USD 15 should be paid for each of them. The Blossom Plan is one of the paid plans. It can be enjoyed for 16 USD/month for each of the agents. This one is perfect for various community forums. For providing live chat channels, you can get the Garden Plan of Freshdesk. It can be purchased by 25 USD for each agent for each month. With enterprise report facility, the Estate License has been offered. According to January 2016, cost for this one is 40 USD/month/user. This is the price without the coupon. The most powerful plan is the Forest Plan which can be enjoyed by USD 70/user/month. All these prices here have been mentioned in the annual billing. For month to month billing, the price will be a little higher.

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