Formstack Online Form Builder Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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The website forms or online forms can be created in several manners. You can use the plug-ins or various tools to create such forms. The coding experiences can also be very useful in this case. But one of the easiest ways for creating the forms is the Formstack.

Formstack Review

Formstack is actually the online form builder facility for those who want to create customizable forms in quickest time. The most attractive thing of Formstack is it will let you create mobile responsive online forms.

Attractive Features of this Online Form Builder

Formstack has offers so many features and one of the main features is you don’t have to have the coding experiences to create the forms with the help of this. With the drag and drop facility, you will be able to create various types of forms without any major problem. Different field of the forms can be organized and customized very easily. Sometimes the users feel tensed about the security of the forms and the data of them who will fill up the forms. But if you create the forms by using the Formstack then you don’t have to worry about that because with the forms it will offer fully featured security system. CAPTCHA query can be added to the forms very easily also.

Various types of content can be added to the online forms with the help of the Formstack. You can use the fonts of different styles and sizes in the forms created by this form builder. The colors of the fonts, other contents and the backgrounds of the forms can be changed in little time. Different analytics tools are offered by the Formstack and one of those tools is the Field Bottlenecks which will help you to increase conversation with the users. Form Conversation tool can be used for the real-time conversation tracking.

Very Flexible Plans of the Formstack

The Teams Plan is the most powerful plan of the Formstack because this plan can be used for creating 1 thousand forms. Most importantly, for every form, it will allow 100 thousand submissions. This plan can be used by 25 different users. It will let you use 10 GB space for the file storage. Another plan and probably the most popular plan of the Formstack is the Manager Plan which lets the users create 100 forms with the monthly 10 thousand submissions support for each of the forms. This plan has been offered for 10 different users and 2 GB space is offered with the Manager Plan. If you want to use the Formstack with 5 users then you can be the user of the Individual Plan. This plan offers 1 GB space for the file storage and 20 form creation facility. For each of the created forms, 2 thousand submission facilities will be offered.