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Folder Protector Coupon

Folder Protector Reviews and Encryption

Everybody has some personal information and files and those should not be exposed to others. If you want to protect the targeted files and folders then you can choose reliable encryption tool. This type of tool can be found very easily. But if you are looking for a completely reliable one, then the Kakasoft Folder Protector can be recommended. Truly, it has some awesome features and versatility. This is the portable software which can be used for protecting the targeted drivers and folders very strongly.

So if you like to have Folder Protector discount, please follow the coupon code pricing as mentioned. We have summarized the main points of this software in this review.

Highly Effective & Portable

The main feature of this product is it is fully portable. You don’t have to install this one to your computer for password protect any folder. When you will open this, you will see and Lockdir exe file. You just have to use this one for protecting the targeted content. This program file can easily be copied to any folder or drive. The handling process of the Folder Protector software is very much easy. Just like the other product of the Kakasoft Company, novice computer users will enjoy using this software. The efficiency of this product is very high because the 256 bit AES encryption technology has been used in here. So the maximum protection will be delivered to the folders that you encrypt.

Instant Protection Facility

If you do not protect your sensitive files, then that can be misused very easily. No matter the data and files are stored on local drives or external drives, those should be protected. As the Folder Protector is a versatile password protection software, it can encrypt the contents of all the drives. It can be used for making the folder non-accessible and non-moveable. Even no one will be able to delete the locked files without your permission. It is an instant protection solution. You don’t have to go through so many steps for protecting the drives or folders. Only two easy steps should be followed for doing this task. So you don’t have to be highly experienced for handling this software.

Pricing and Coupons

With all these features, the price of Folder Protector is only $22.95 as of 12 March 2015. And when the coupon is there, it will be greatly reduced.

Folders on the internal drives can be protected by Kakasoft Folder Protector. Other drives like the thumb drives, pen drives and memory cards, etc. can easily be locked by this amazing solution. With the strong password chosen by you, the external hard drives can also be locked. As it is a portable solution, it will not store the passwords to any drive. So the hacker will not be able to get your password by any means. It can work with the computers of the any version of the Windows platform.

Thus having Folder Protector coupon will provide cheaper price and will ensure that you get the promotion.