FlippingBook Publisher Pricing: Get Exclusive Review

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The PDF format is very much popular all over the world. The PDF documents are easy to open, send and share. But these cannot provide real book reading experience.

FlippingBook Publisher Review

For making the PDF files perfect for reading you can use a reliable flippingbook generator. This is a converter which can convert the PDF files to create a digital form of a real book. One of the most recommendable tools for this purpose is the FlippingBook Publisher. This product can also be used for making completely adaptive web pages. So you don’t have to be a professional web page designer to do that. Here are some features and benefits of this impressive software.

Branding Friendly Solution

The FlippingBook Publisher software is completely supporting for branding and customizing. Various design customization tools are included in this. So you can add the logo of your company or apply any style to make the contents personalized. That is why the clients will get exactly your publications. Different types of standard skins are included in this. So it will be very easy to make the publications different from each other. There are some tools which can create the flipping magazines only for computer. But the FlippingBook Publisher will make such outputs which can be opened on any desktop, laptop, and even mobile device. It can provide contents suitable for both the iOS and Android platforms. The page flipping effect it provides is completely realistic.

Pricing of Editions

You can choose any of the three editions of the FlippingBook Publisher. Each of that is for some specific fields. For example, the Basic Plan is for only one workstation. This one can be used or personalized content distribution. According to the date of writing this review, the price of this one is $399 only. The Professional Edition can be chosen by the digital marketers. The web developers can also purchase this. A license fee for this product is $699 only. The important thing is this one can be used in 2 different workstations. There is another flexible edition named FlippingBook Business. You can get this one for 3 to 30 workstations. If you want to purchase this for 10 devices, the license cost will be 1,990 USD. That means the unit cost will be only 199 USD. By this same rate, you can purchase this software for more workstations.

Supports Embedded Media

The FlippingBook Publisher is not that type of tool which can only amaze the client with flipping effect. It will let you embed different links and media to the pages of the books. The clients will enjoy every embedded item from flash animation to large videos. Different website links can be added to the pages so that the reader can visit the related site very easily. One of the most impressive features of FlippingBook Publisher is it can integrate the shopping cart with the pages. So the clients can easily purchase a product while reading the product descriptions published on the page.