Find it EZ Review | Avail Pricing for the Business Intelligence Tool

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In our computer system, we need to use various types of software programs. All the software programs are not effective for all sections. Almost while acting with the database section, reporting section and the software consulting section, we need to recheck them for the effectiveness. For managing these activities, we need to depend on Find it EZ.

The Review on Find it EZ

Find it EZ is allowed for the crystal reporters, database developers and the software resellers and so on. This program holds the tools to develop as well as to deliver the productivity tools especially for the software developers. The tools offers by this platform allow a best solution to optimize the designing selection. Besides, the improvement process of the code and the rapid development can be gained through this. In fact; the tools offered by Find it EX can work on all the major languages, database section and the reporting section.

Find it EZ

Main Functions under This

This award winning program allows to system to hold itself in the relational database section as well as in the business intelligence section. Among all of the existing application fields, the concerning one is the reporting designers for the business based intelligence system. Then, the database section is applied here with the best impact. At the last level, the option of the Software Reseller category begins.

The Features  under find it EZ

Here, you will get three options. These options are Pro Desktop, Pro Server and the Enterprise. The features under each category are:

Pro Desktop: This plan is design for the individual users and the power users. Here, you will get the option to manage the changing process in the data source connection in the category of Crystal Report, Microsoft SSR files and the Oracle Reports. After that, the scanning process in the relational database section with the support of SQL server, MySQL, Oracle, My Access, Cloud database and so on. For this package, $369 is needed for every user.

Pro Sever: This plan appropriate for the small workgroups and the virtual based network environments. This package offers almost the same features like Pro Desktop version with the supporting format for Windows server. It can be sold up-to concurrent users. From this option the users can connect to the central server system from any remote desktop PC.

Enterprise: This package is available for the large organizations or the database firms. It is developed for unlimited users. Besides, unlimited objects can also be managed here. It includes the entire Pro edition and the needed database object files. After that, you can also connect to the Business intelligence or the Crystal reporting system with the server based from the flexible control panel.