Fantasktic Pricing, Check Review of the Migrate WordPress Site

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WordPress has achieved huge popularity for several reasons. And still the popularity of this is increasing in a high rate. You can create all types of websites using WordPress. Even after creating the sites, you can easily customize those with additional contents and designs. Different kinds of themes and plugins will help you to do so. But sometimes, you may need to migrate the entire site to a new host or server. In this case, you have to depend on very much strong migration solution like Fantasktic.

Features and Review of Fantasktic

For many cases, you may need to change the host or server of your WordPress sites. It is important not to lose any content of the original site. In those cases, you can get help from Fantasktic. Here are the reasons why you can get this service:


Impressive WordPress Migration

Fantasktic can protect every property of the website during migration. Some migration solution make the website stopped while migrating. But this one will not cause that problem. The visitors can visit the website during when the migration will go on. Even it can synchronize the new contents while working. When it will complete the job, preview of new site will be offered to you. Then you can confirm that after checking. With the migration facility, the Fantaktic also provide virus removal and other facilities.

Some Other Facilities

Fantasktic is not the source for only the WordPress migration. Some other services can also be found here. For example, multisite installation facility is offered by this. That is why you can deal with multiple websites or networks for migration at a time. Sometimes, you would like to move a non WP sites into a new WP site. In those cases, the Fantasktic will also help you. Premium migration facility can be found here also. This kind of facility will be needed for migrating the enterprise websites.

Affordable Pricing Plan

Multiple pricing plans are one of the main attractions of the Fantasktic. The price of the plans starts from 99 USD. By paying this, you can migrate any single website. The migration will be done in maximum 3 days. Similarly, you can get the WordPress migration facilities for multiple sites. In those cases, the pricing is more attractive. For an example, if you get the Fantasktic Migration facility for 2 websites, the total cost will only be 94 USD. That means, 5% discounts will be offered from the original unit price. Similarly, for 11-25 site licenses will cost you 79 USD per site. For large number of sites, like more than 40, the unit cost will only be 59 USD as of this post writing time. Price of Move to WordPress facility starts from 199 USD. Similarly the other products are also completely affordable.