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Express Scribe Coupon Code

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Review of Express Scribe

Express Scribe is an Audio Player software for professionals on PC. This software is compatible with windows and Macs. This software allows user to control the music playback using a transcription pedal or keyboard shortcut keys which is really a great use to the typist. And also this software supports speed playback controlling, multichannel controlling, playing video, etc. It has an option for controlling the speed of the playback along with pitch controlling. This also comes with a video player interface that means you can run videos along side audios in this player. It also supports almost any formats, along with the encrypted format. The playback can be controlled with almost any professional USB food pedals. Also uses keyboard hotkey to change the playback while typing. It also comes with built in analog and digital voice recorder. This software is compatible with any word processors. Even this software works in the background of voice to text softwares. With the E-mails, FTP, Express Delegate or even computer network this software can be automatically loaded. This can also run videos from the playlist of the user. Get this product today with our coupon offer. For having this Express Scribe discount, no extra coupon code is required.

Features of This Product

The basic feature of express scribe is that this software can play audios in a playback and reasonable software for typist. Another great feature is with this software speed playback can be controlled. This software can run both audio and videos. This software is great to use as it supports almost any format of audio and video. Another unique thing is that the software playback can be controlled through a special USB pedal and professional pedals can add more features. When typing on another software user can control the playback through keyboard hotkey and hockey can be set as user wise. Recordings can be loaded in both digital and analog dock. The hotkey or pedal works on almost every word processing, e.g. Microsoft word office, wps office etc. the workers who are dictated typist get sent automatically as there  is automatic sending is a feature of Express Scribe. This software works as in the above of any speech recognition as well as this also converts speech to text, this is a great  feature for those who prefers talking  to a machine than pressing buttons  on the keyboard. Local drive such as CD drive and USB gets loaded into the playlist  in the software, no need to unload audios on the playlist. Basically, this software made opportunity for those typist who doesn’t want to decrease word per minute as they have a potential majority of typing and word per minute is greatly important for them.

Package of the Tool

User can get this in two versions. Express Scribe Professionals for $50 and on discount $34.99 which is applicable till the end of April, 2016 and Express Scribe Basic for $40 and discount price is $29.99. These are the pricing without our coupon.

ES is a cool product from NCH Software and if you find interest in it, then please purchase it with our discount offer. We hope you love the Express Scribe coupon.