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Exlevel GrowFX Discount

Exlevel GrowFX Reviews

When your target will be as large as modelling the plant decoration for large areas then you have to choose very much reliable plant modelling system which will work with the Autodesk 3ds Max. This type of system is not as available as the normal computer security or multimedia tools are but it is also not impossible to find out reliable plant modelling system. You can consider the Exlevel GrowFX which can be a very good option for you. Because of affordable price and stunning features, this plant modelling system can be recommended to you. When discussing about Exlevel GrowFX discount, which could be availaled with the coupon, here are some features and specifications of Exlevel GrowFX:

Design Realistic Trees and Grasses

This is one of those plant modelling tools which has the capability to help the users to create completely realistic trees very easily. The Meta Mesh technology is one of the best advantages of this tool. The main specialty of this technology is it will let you add different types of branches of the trees for making those more attractive. To the tree trunks, you can provide different shapes and reshape those very easily with the help of the Meta Mesh. Exlevel GrowFX can be used for dealing with a single object on a surface or the large area of surfaces or maps. It will let you create large woodlands and cover the surface with grasses to provide an original look to the areas. In practice, some plants are climbing type of. Those plants normally climb towards walls or other large trees. The Exlevel GrowFX will let you create the climbing plants also. For creating such plants, the Object Reaction system of this product will help you. Similarly the Object Sheared program of this tool will help you create the sheared plants very easily.

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Powerful Animation Programs

Exlevel GrowFX will let you make the trees and other objects animated. You cannot animate each and every content, but almost all of them. The Affects mechanism has been added in this product to help you to animate the contents more conveniently. It will let you make the trees in such way that the sizes of the branches will automatically be changed depending on the size of trees. This product will help you use various types of geometric objects very easily.

Pricing and Discount

Exlevel GrowFX 1.9.8 is available in three different license systems and each of the licenses is very attractive. The Individual License of this product can be purchased with only $325, without coupon code, in August 2015. This license is only for one user. The 5-user Corporate License of this product can be purchased with $825. If you want to use this for large corporate purposes, then you can buy the 10-user Corporate License with $1250.

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