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Exeone Employee Monitor Coupon

Exeone Employee Monitor Reviews

Only a few products have been created by the Exeone Company. But it should be said that that products of this company is really amazing and important. The Employee Monitor is very essential tool offered by it. If you are looking for very efficient employee management system, then you can choose this product. Suppose you have so many employees in your company. Then how will you know what your employees are doing? Though this task seems to be very difficult, you can do that easily with Employee Monitor. When discussing about Exeone Employee Monitor discount coupon as well as coupon code, some stunning features of this product are mentioned:

Watch Desktops Live

The Employee Monitor has the facility to track the desktop instantly. If you have lots of employees, then you won’t be able to check their keyboard activities at the same time. But you can watch the live desktops of them very easily with this product. So you will be able to know which windows are opened to the desktops by the users. If necessary, then you can execute further operations. This amazing product of the Exeone Company also has the snapshot capturing capability. While monitoring the desktop, you can take the screenshot easily as a proof of your complain. What types of data and info have been typed by the workers, can be tracked by the keyboard logger.

Efficient Process Monitoring

To monitor the employees during the working hours it is very important to know which websites have been visited. The process monitoring tools of the Employee Monitor will help you to track the web histories of them. The applications used by them can also be tracked very easily. As the owner of the company you can block various applications and processes all the computers. With the help of the remote connectivity system of this product, you can always stay in touch with the clients.

Computer History Tracking

You may need to know which processes have been run in the computers of your office. From the histories of each of the computers, such information can be found. That is why the Employee Monitor can track the histories of the all the targeted computers. You just have to choose the right license considering the number of computers you target. Suppose you want only 3 employees to be monitored. In that case you can purchase the Small Team License of this product. According to February, without applying any promo or coupon, normally 2015 the price of this license is only 119.95 USD. The Group License of this monitoring software is very much popular. To monitor desktops of the group of 5 members, you can purchase this license by 199.95 USD only. The Medium License is for monitoring maximum 10 users and its price is only 329.95 USD. If you have a small company of 20 employees then you can purchase a Site License by 599.95 USD only.

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