Evaer Skype Video Call Recorder Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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For so many reasons, the Skype video call can be recorded. You can use the recorded Skype video for future uses like the tutorial video, proof of dealings etc. But how the Skype video calls can be recorded that can be a good question to ask but the answer is simple and that is by using reliable Skype video call recorder. For this purpose, you can rely on the Evaer Skype Video Call Recorder which is the chosen one by so many Skype users.

Evaer Skype Video Call Recorder Review

The features of the Trial version, as well as the Licensed version, are very impressive. For the Skype video as well as audio calls, the answering machine is included in this call recorder add-on. Most importantly, it can record the video calls into MP4 and AVI formats which are very commonly used video formats and very high in quality. Not only the two-party calls but also the conference calls can be recorded with the help of the Evaer. You can start recording the calls manually or automatic recorder can be activated. This Skype Add-on can be used for recording the video calls with the help of local webcams as well as remote webcams. Normally the video or audio call recorders can record calls but those recorded files require manual saving to the hard disk of the targeted computers. But the Evaer Skype Call Recorder can automatically store the recorded texts and voice calls to the hard disk.

Features and Advantages of This Product

Before recording the video calls, you can set the aspect ratios of the videos and the recording resolution can also be changed very easily. The sounds of the video calls are also very important. You can record the videos with the mono sound quality or the stereo sound quality. One of the unique features of this product is it can separately store the recorded videos and the mp3. If you do not have time to reply all the time then you can use the automatic chat reply option of this call recorder add-on. The Trial version of this product can record the videos & audio calls up to 5 minutes and the Licensed version will let you record the calls up to unlimited time.

The license Procedure for This Product

If you purchase the license of this innovative but emergency product then you don’t have to renew its license after every specific time period. That means this add-on video recorder for Skype can be purchased with the license of lifetime validity. The creator company of this product will provide very much impressive support to you until one year of purchasing it. The updates will also be installed until one year during this license period. 30 days money back guarantee represents the class of this product.