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A Small Review of the e!Sankey

There are plenty of flow diagrams and each of the types are useful for specific purposes. Sankey diagrams are a very popular type of flow diagrams.  In this particular type of diagram, the width of the arrows indicates the proportionality to the quantity of flow. But creating the Sankeys are not very easy. For doing so, it is better to get help from reliable software. We are confident enough to recommend you the e!Sankey. This product is the first choice of so many users for creating the Sankey diagrams. Besides, purchasing e!Sankey with the discount coupon will help you a long way to purchase the product at a cheaper price. So, avail the e!Sankey coupon. The main features of this software are:

Create the Diagrams Easily

Many people think that creating the Sankey diagrams is very difficult. But the e!Sankey has proved them wrong. This product offers the easiest ways to create such diagrams. The intuitive interface of this product asks you to set the process first. Then you have to draw the arrows between the processes. Into arrows, you can easily put the materials or energy flows. To that material or energy, you just have to add the quantity to complete the diagram. These are the easy tasks which can be done by even a computer novice. The difficult task is to set the width of the arrows depending on the quantities entered. e!Sankey will do this difficult task automatically for you. It will also maintain proportionality and scaling of the diagrams automatically.

Various Arrow Options

One of the biggest advantages of the e!Sankey is it supports various arrow options. After completing the diagram with proportionality of flow quantity, you can easily refine the width. Various layout options are there. So you just have to choose the best one for your project. The size and shapes of the arrow spikes can be customized very easily. Similarly, you can easily turn off and on the arrow head by using the e!Sankey. This software will help you to customize the arrow routing very easily. For providing the flow quantity, you can use the Microsoft Excel files.

Pricing and Discount of the Licenses

If you are a casual user, the basic edition of e!Sankey is enough for fulfilling of your needs. For creating the diagrams, this product offers numerous features. This one is perfect for managing all types of units, flows, colors and scaling. To purchase this license, you just have to pay only €240 without the discount according to 5 October 2016. But for the professional users, Pro Edition of e!Sankey can be highly suggested. The cost of this software is only €480. It actually offers some additional features. Visualization of stock changes can be done with the help of this powerful solution. Sometimes, you may need to update the Sankey diagrams with the data of any MS Excel file. The Pro Edition of this product will help you to do so very easily.

So, purchase e!Sankey with the coupon offer. We are expecting that you will like the e!Sankey discount.