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Entity Developer


InterBase Data Access Components (IBDAC)

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Entity Developer Discount

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Review of the Entity Developer

For creating different kinds of entity models, we can use various solutions. Some of the software forces us to create the models with XML coding. But there are few products which can help the people who do not need to go through the annoying coding. Entity Developer is one of those few software. This is actually the product of the famous Devart Company. This solution has come with so many impressive features. You can purchase Entity Developer with the discount coupon to enjoy all the impressive features of it cheaply. So, avail the Entity Developer coupon. Some of those are:

Easy ORM Model Creation

Actually, there are two ways of ORM model creation and Entity Developer supports both of those. First one is the Model-First approach. In this approach, the entity models should be assume first. After that, generation of storage, DDL and mapping should be done. Database updating is one of the best features of this product of Devart. Normally, the model may need to be updated after database creation. That can be possible without problems. But re-creating the database will not be possible. To solve this problem, Entity Developer will help you to update the database very easily. Another way of ORM model creation is the Database-First approach which is also supported by this product. It will help you to create the entity model based on the assumed database. That means, it will let you use the legacy database for the ORM application.

Amazing Pricing Plans and Discount

You will find five different editions for the Entity Developer of the Devart brand. Just like the other products of the same brand, this software also has a free edition. That means, for enjoying the Express Edition of this product, you don’t have to pay any fee. Among the paid editions, LINQ to SQL edition can be purchased by paying only $99.95 without the discount. This is actually the cheapest one in terms of price. Price of the Entity Framework and NHibernate editions of this product is exactly the same.

Entity Developer

As per 4 October 2016, the price of each of these editions is only $199.95. The most powerful one is the Professional Edition. To purchase this edition of the Devart Entity Developer, you have to pay only 299.95. This one is capable of working with NHibernate, Entity Framework, and LINQ to SQL.

Some Necessary Features

Entity Developer has come with so many useful features. The main feature of this product is its huge compatibility. It can work with various databases including SQL Server 2000 and latest ones, Oracle, SQLite, Firebird and others. Similarly, it is also compatible with various database providers. For dealing with various models, you can choose necessary editions of this powerful solution. This is one of the few solutions which have come with the built in code generation facility. You don’t have to write a single line of XML code for creating the models. Various types of data viewing and editing modes are supported by the Entity Developer. And this product is perfect for working with all types of small and large models.

In conclusion, the coupon on Entity Developer is providing you a fabulous opportunity. So, grab the Entity Developer discount and enjoy the cool product features in 2017.