Endpoint Protector 4 Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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In the data protection sector, many essential conditions are needed to fulfil. All of them are not reliable to the users. To assure the data loss protection system, Endpoint Protector 4 is an active one program. This program ensures the best way to prevent the data leakage system for the endpoints as well as for the mobile devices. While using this, the users will be able to protect the confidential data through the effective data encryption system.

Endpoint Protector 4 Review

Endpoint Protector 4 is valid not only for the Windows platform but also supportive for Mac and Linux platform. It includes some features like mobile device based management system, clipboard monitoring, device control, CD lockdown and so on.

Active Issues offered Here

To protect the sensitive data as well as the networking section from the attack of the threats, Endpoint Protector is very helpful. The portable storage section needs to communicate with the smartphone devices and computer system. Through this process, the essential data can be damaged through the attack of the cybercriminals. In that case, you can rely on this program for managing the best data encryption system. Through this, the users will be prevented from taking the unauthorized data on the storage devices.

Highlights of the Active Features

Device control: Endpoint Protector offers the device controlling system in a centralized way. The reporting console section and the web administration section of this program offer the users to get the overview of any device from any PC having this program. Here, the PC can be operated through Windows, Mac or Linux OS. To authorize the device, you can manage some controlling moods here.

Content-Aware based Protection: Within this feature, the data loss prevention system can be managed. This issue ensures the users to handle the sensitive data under the networking section of any company. Here, the company data will be passed through the effective encryption process. The data loss prevention mood can be activated here best privacy mood.

Other facilities: Endpoint Protector also fulfills some more features like mobile device managing issue, file tracking, file shadowing, reporting an issue, analysis process etc. With this too, you can easily control your Android or iPhone in the perfect way. In this case, the best monitoring system is maintained. Inside the file tracking system, you will get the term to observe all the data that have been copied from and to any USB drive or other storage sections. Then, the analysis system is also afforded here for organizing data in a safe and sound mood.

Pricing Section of Endpoint Protector 4

The users can get the full version of Endpoint Protector 4 by fulfilling various conditions. By depending on PC numbers, the price will be varied. Besides, it also offers a free trial version.