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EmEditor Coupon

EmEditor – The Lightweight Text Editor

You may heard the names of various text editor tools for the Windows computers. But it is not easy to pick one among those because each of those may have different problems. Most of those are not versatile and easy to use. Some of them cannot be integrated with 64 bit systems. Quickness of operation is another considerable thing. EmEditor of Emurasoft is a great example of fastest and most efficient text editor. You will enjoy working with this fabulous tool. The latest version of it is v15. 0.2 and it is packed with features. So when discussing about the discount with the exclusive EmEditor coupon, here we have discussed about the advantages and prices of this essential product.

Deal with Large Files

Suppose you want to edit a file which is about the size more or equal 15GB. Can you edit that with the help of notepad or WordPad or other normal editors? Fact is, you won’t be able to do that and your task will be stopped in the middle. To rescue you from this problem, Emurasoft offers the EmEditor which can perfectly handle files of any size. Even if the file size is more than 200GB, this product will let you deal with that also. Fir editing tasks, you may need to create larger files by adding different numbers of those. On the other hand, you may need to divide those into smaller ones. EmEditor is capable of doing these tasks for you. Though this is a powerful software, it is very light in weight. So it will not damage the system performance.

Perfect for Programmers

If you are a professional web designer or programmer then the EmEditor is very much necessary for you. It can be used for various operations of to the coding. For example, syntax highlighting and document comparison can be done by this software. The important thing is it can handle various types of languages. By the multiple selection editing feature of it, the programming tasks can be completed more easily. This tool of Emurasoft has the Unicode support. You can install this one to the external USB drives. EmEditor is perfectly compatible with the Windows 8. But that does not mean you cannot use the other versions of this operating system. It is also compatible with the previous versions.

Impressive Extensibility

The extensibility of this product is very much impressive though it is a feature rich tool. After purchasing EmEditor by $39.99 for one year, you can integrate different plugins with this. But there is 10% coupon for both licenses. A lifetime Fee of this software is only $129.99 according to this review writing time. This powerful versatile editor also has the macro support. You just have to complete the macros using the script languages and then those can be integrated very easily. Different external tools can also be used with this product.

The EmEditor coupon can perfectly provide 10% off on the purchase. So the promo on the Emurasoft tool is ideal to get the product at cheaper price.