EMThemes Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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Magneto themes have been provided by so many theme providing companies. Some companies offer some standard themes, some provide themes of responsive themes. Similarly, the Magneto extensions have also been provided by many companies. But if you are looking for one source where all types of Magneto themes and extensions can be found then the EMThemes can be a great choice for you. The Products of this company are very advanced and full of important features.

EMThemes Review

Almost all the themes of this company are of responsive layouts. These premium themes are of various types. The EM Gamewin theme is one of the most attractive themes of this company and this theme can be used for creating online gaming sites. Very attractive slider option has been included in this theme. You will be able to set the price plans for the visitors for playing the games. The featured games and top rated games can be highlighted on your website after installing the EM Gamewin theme to that site. Another very attractive theme of the EMThemes Company is the EM Superstore which will let you create the online store websites. This theme has the drag and drops site builder layout. Various types of products widgets have been included in this theme. Like all the other themes of the EMThemes Company, this theme also has the capability to help you to promote the featured products.

Various Premium Responsive Themes

To create the home decoration company websites, you can use the EM Homedecor theme of the EMThemes Company. This themes has the customizable slider option for which you will be able to add the images of large size. The latest quality review widget is one of the best advantages of this Magneto theme. The EMThemes Company offers so many other responsive premium themes such as the EM Book reading, EM Shoppingcenter, EM Ticker etc. The price of each of these themes of the EMThemes is only $79.00 as of 14 September 2014.

Essential Magneto Extensions

Different types of extensions have been provided by this company and each of the extensions is very much essential. One of the best and most popular extensions of the EMThemes is the EM Multi-Vendor which can be considered as the supermarket extensions for the Magneto sites. It will let you track the sales of each day and manage the partner’s products and all the other products. EM Social is another great Magneto extension of this company. This extension can be used for letting the visitors log in to your website using their social media accounts. EM Slideshow 2 is a very popular extension of provided by the EMThemes Company. If you want to provide fully featured slider option to your Magneto sites then you can use this extension.