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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL Coupon

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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL and its Review

In the database management section, MySQL is a helpful platform to the users. It affords many types of tools and the functions to organize the needed data under any database section. To control over the database administration section and the developing process of the MySQL section, SQL Manager for MySQL itself is an effective one solution. It is supported with almost all the versions of MySQL. It can simply implement the activities of trigger management, view organization, stored procedure organization, key organization, and Unicode maintenance etc. Besides, the task of creating or edit the database objects under the MySQL section can be handled easily through this. After that, the data import or export method, user controlling activities and these related terms can be handled easily under this solution. The user friendly features and the interface section of this tool allow the way to manage MySQL database server according to the user’s choice.

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The Available Features Offered:

EMS SQL Manager for MySQL fulfills all the needed conditions in various categories. These are:

Database management

In this category, the task of hosting various connections is available. It offers user friendly tab opening system with the flexible interface system. To work with various objects at a single time, some built-in functions are available.

Data manipulation: The data manipulation system includes various tasks like viewing, editing, searching, sorting, filtering and other terms. Besides, some effective editor is applied here with the custom viewing format. The available table view system can be customized according to the user’s choice. To maintain the selected records, it offers the way to copy and paste the needed data from any specific table. Moreover, the data export system is also available here to the SQL script by using the INSERT statement.

Query building: EMS SQL Manager for MySQL offers the query building process with the visual system while using no SQL syntax. It also includes the SQL formatter and the flexible script execution functions. To organize the favorite queries, it offers the choosing system of the statement. In the case of data import and export system, this program is very supportive and it offers the way of copying the data from any database section to another.

Moreover, this solution offers the way to control the best security system through the admin system and password confirmation process.

Coupon and Pricing Issue

This program offers the available packages with two categories. These categories are: Business section and noncommercial case. For the Business section, you will need to pay $245 which includes 3 years maintenance system. This is the pricing without the coupon. For noncommercial section, $133 is needed with 3 years maintenance system.

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