EMS Advanced PDF Generator Discount & Exclusive Coupon

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EMS Advanced PDF Generator Discount

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Advanced PDF Generator and Its Functions

In our practical life, the use of the PDF file is huge. In some cases, we need to type in a text file, C++ builder or on Delphi. But we may need to convert those files into the PDF format. To enable this process, EMS Advanced PDF Generator is a helpful solution to the users. EMS Advanced PDF Generator allows the simple way to create the PDF document file with the needed applications written on various file formats. To ensure this task, you won’t need to know the PDF specification. In fact; without applying any knowledge of creating the PDF file format, you can manage this task. Besides, it also assures the term to add various types of images with the needed descriptions. Avail all of its functions with our discount coupon offer. No discount code is required to have this Advanced PDF Generator coupon.

The Key Features Offered by EMS Advanced PDF Generator

One of the best features under this solution is the flexible API system. By using this default API, you can simply create the PDF document file. After that, it offers the way to make the auto division process of the available tables into various sections to ensure the fitting process into the pages. It is fully compatible with the existing table format. In the case of adding various types of images, it offers some supporting tools. It can easily support the image file from BMP, JPG and PNG format. In the case of adding the WMF or the EMF file with the corresponding PDF file, it offers the vector format and this is allowed with the sequential formulas. In the addition process of any picture, you will get the opportunity of loading that specific image in TGraphic component. By applying the external or the internal links, the PDF document file generation process can be established.

EMS Advanced PDF Generator is supportive with the Unicode characters. After that, it is helpful with two types of encryption format like 40 bit and the 128 bit. To define the document properties, it offers some defined functions like author, subject, producer, title etc. Moreover, if any user wants to convert the corresponding file into the PDF format, then the existing errors and the suggestions will also be viewed to the users. From this section, you can manage the needed activities in the conversion process.

Pricing Issue and Discount

To purchase EMS Advanced PDF Generator from EMS SQL Manager, you need to pay only $195. This license includes the needed source code also. Under this license, the users can obtain some in-purchase features like free technical support up to 12 months. In the up-gradation process, 50% discount system is also valid. For updating the minor tools, it doesn’t ask any extra charge. Moreover, all types of support can be obtained through online method.

The coupon offer makes it easier for you to purchase the product. We hope this EMS Advanced PDF Generator discount enhances your encouragement in experiencing this cool product.