Email Extractor 14 Program Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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Nowadays some software can do some unthinkable things. Some years ago, we had to find the email addresses manually from various sources. And after finding, we have to list those for future uses. But now, these time killing tasks can be done very easily. There are some software which can automatically find out the email addresses from various sources. One of such solutions is the Email Extractor 14. For any kind of emailing campaign or marketing, this software is very useful. There are so many features, of this product, which may convince you. Some of those are mentioned following:

Review of the Email Extractor 14

The Email Extractor 14 features are truly awesome. There are so many extractors of emails and those can also find out the email addresses with additional info. But this product can do this task in the quickest possible time. It will not overlook any address which is available on the targeted source.

You don’t have to face any difficulty while working with the spider of the Email Extractor 14. The main feature of this product is it has multiple search options. You can search the emails according to keywords. Search by files or websites can also be done with this. So the Email Extractor 14 will fulfill your necessity that’s for sure.

Premium Email Lists

With the Email Extractor 14, you can purchase some premium email lists which can be used for the campaigns. Here I have mentioned some of those the available items. One of those is the US New Business Mailing List which consists of email addresses of new businessmen in the US.

Not only the email addresses but also some additional info will also be offered. It will let you know the name of company, city and state with necessary web address and phone number. Similarly, UK Consumer Email List, Canadian Business Email List, and Canadian Consumer email list etc. are also available.

Totally Affordable Pricing

The license pricing of the Email Extractor 14 is completely affordable. As of 11 February 2016, price of this one is only 99 USD. You don’t have to purchase more licenses for using this one several computers. One license can be used in an unlimited number of devices. At the same time, this license is a lifetime one. During this period, you will be allowed to enjoy all the updates for Email Extractor 14.

For this kind of products, it is very important to have good support from the experts. You don’t have to worry about that because a team of experts is ready to give your best supports. The cost of each of the premium email lists is different. For example, the Canadian Consumer Email List can be purchased by 150 USD only. Price for the Canadian Business Email List is 375 USD. You don’t have to pay much for the other lists also.