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Elecard Coupon

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Elecard Products and Review

Multimedia tools are most commonly used applications in all types of computers. All of us have the multimedia players installed in our PCs. And some of us also have some video editing files. So these are most popular solutions. The professionals must use some advanced solutions for their campaigns. Some of those can be the video analyzer, video compressor and others. Some companies are there to provide these tools. Among those, the Elecard is very popular brand. Different products of this brand are available with amazing features and pricing. The more amazing thing is that we have reduced the product pricing further by introducing the coupon offer. To have this Elecard discount, you don’t need any coupon code. Some of those products are:

The Stream Inspector

The media streams can be done in various formats. Some of those formats are MPEG, AAC and AVC. If you want to analyze the media streams of various formats, then the Elecard Stream Inspector is for you. It can easily receive the media from the network and help you to analyze those. Medial stored on the local hard drive can also be analyzed by this tool. Various information like bit rate, program and formats of the media can be detected by it. It has the ability to save the video streams into a file. Stream error detection is another nice advantage of the Elecard Stream Inspector.

Powerful Converter Studio

Video conversion can be necessary for everyone. This company offers a very good video conversion solution for the end users. The Converter Studio is very speedy conversion software. It can work with all the popular video formats. From the interface of this software, you can easily import the video files by searching on the local drive folders. It will help you to create DVDs and HD-DVDs with the help of the MPEG encoding feature. Elecard Converter Studio also has the AVC, DV, FLV and AVCHD encoding features. For the conversion tasks, you can create separate profiles which will be easily editable.

StreamEye Studio is another product of the brand. For the advanced video analysis, you can rely on this product. The MPEG Player of this company will let you play the media files to all the popular and newest formats. The other products of this company are very impressive too.

Pricing and Coupon of the Products

Elecard never set unnecessary high price for any of their products. From the above discussion, it can be assumed that the quality of the Stream Inspector is very high. This professional tool can be purchased only by $1050 as per 22 February 2016 excluding the coupon. There are some top quality media player of other companies. But most of those are available for very high price. Elecard MPEG Player is also a good one. But you just have to spend $40 for this product. 239 USD is the price of the Converter Studio of this company. Similarly, for the other tools, this company has set very impressive price.

If you find Elecard impressive, then purchase it through our redeem link with the discount offer. We hope you enjoy the Elecard coupon.