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EditPlus Coupon

EditPlus Review

The programmers and web developers love to deal with several types of codes. Many people use multiple editor tool for dealing with various programming languages. But there are some tools which can be used for all coding languages. One of those is the EditPlus. This is really a powerful, fast and reliable one. It provides almost all the features one may look for. Here I have mentioned the review and some of the main points why the programmers can choose this product.

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Impressive Syntax Highlighting

For any kind of text editing tool, you have to know how impressive the syntax highlighting feature is. The EditPlus is really amazing in this case. This product will let you highlight various codes including Asp, HTML, CSS and others. If any programmer need to work with various other programming languages, a special type of syntax file should be created. This tool will let you create such file that will be useful for your work. Built in document template is one of the best features of this product. It will let the user create the new document in the quickest possible time. The document selector tool of EditPlus is impressive too. It can be used for accessing any kind of document windows with ease. It actually provides very fast selecting the option.

Other Necessary Features

Sometimes you may need to watch previews of the contents of any kind of HTML document you are working with. To do so, you must need a web browser. The EditPlus provides built in seamless web browser which can be used for this task. The important thing about this one is it do not require to leave the editor. Another good thing about this browser is it supports the common browser commands. That is why you will be allowed to visit the sites very easily. Necessary HTML File can also be visited. This powerful text editor also has the FTP features. This kind of feature is necessary for uploading the necessary contents to the FTP servers. EditPlus has very impressive Code Folding feature. If you want to hide several lines of coding, this product will help you finely.

EditPlus Pricing Plans and Coupon

The version 4 of this product has various pricing plans. Some of those have been mentioned here. For the Single User License, the necessary cost is only $35 without the above coupon code. But if you purchase a 5-User license, that cost will be only 150 USD. Similarly, as per 2015 ~ 2016, price for the 10 Users Plan is $230. That means, if you purchase a license for more users, then that will be more cost effective. Actually, every customer should be happy with the pricing of EditPlus because it is very much user friendly. It has built in spell checker program. The user will be able to customize the keyword shortcuts according to necessity.

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