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eBoundHost Coupon

eBoundHost Hosting Services

Various names have achieved huge popularity in the field of hosting providers. One of those names is the eBoundHost. Some products and services of this popular company are so attractive that you can choose those. These are very much helpful for making your website live and accessible all the time. Actually you have to maintain these facilities to your websites if you want to target the visitors from worldwide. Some main services of eBoundHost have been highlighted here.

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Rock Solid Commitments

Great commitments are the main things about the team of the eBoundHost. High uptime is the biggest promise given by this company. For any of the services, it offers no downtime. It has a strong power backup system. The data center of it is very much powerful and efficient. If that fails anytime, the backup power is enough for running that two days. During that time, the data center will be powered up again perfectly. It does not depend on a single company for the bandwidth. eBoundHost also has the automatic rerouting system. Top class support, is another huge advantage that you can get. The team of it will allow you to contact with them anytime you want.

Classic Web Hosting

This is very much reliable service offered by this company. If you get this then you can be sure that you will get fast service all the time. There are some reasons for this ensured quickness. Processors are used for the hosting of specific number of websites. So those processors won’t be over-loaded anytime. You can migrate your site very easily. For the nighttime updating system of this company, your website will not be in the dark during the peak hours. The pricing for the Classic Web Hosting of eBoundHost is amazing. For purchasing 10GB space and 1TB bandwidth for one website, you have to pay only $1/month. The Unlimited Plan is available for $4/month. This one is for unlimited number of websites and available with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Cloud & Magneto Servers

eBoundHost offers very much reliable Cloud VPS for the customers. Without coupon, by purchasing this one by $50/month (Best Value Plan), you will get 5GB RAM and 200GB Storage. 5TB bandwidth has made this plan so powerful. Other plans are also very attractive. You will get the power to maintain the OS and install the necessary applications to the servers. Its security system is also impressive.

Pricing and Coupon

eBoundHost offers the Magneto Dedicated Servers at very affordable prices. The CE Servers of this category are available with several plans. The smallest one is the Community Cloud. It is available with 4GB RAM and 50GB SSD storage. Its monthly price is only $99 when the post is written, when the coupon code is not applied. These servers are perfectly optimized and efficient. You can use this for the online stores and business websites.

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