EasyCGI Web Hosting Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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Before choosing any hosting providing company, you must consider the reliability of that. Many companies are there to offer different kinds of hosting services. But many of those companies are not reliable at all. As your website performance depends on the type of hosting, you have to be careful

Review and Features of the EasyCGI

I can suggest you the services of EasyCGI because of its high reliability and affordability. It offers only a few types of hosting. But each of the services is very much impressive. Let’s see the highlights of the services of this company:


Web Hosting Features

Hosting environment is very much important to consider first. EasyCGI actually offers the shared hosting services based on Windows platform. For this reason, the services will be very friendly and easy to control. The control panel will be very easy and powerful. You will get very impressive web based interface to control the account and all administrative things.

Sometimes we can see that single website has multiple domains. You may also need to deal with multiple domains for single websites. EasyCGI shared hosting will allow you to host as many domains as you want for the same websites. And similarly, you will also be allowed to work with unlimited FTP accounts. That is why file transferring will be easier than ever.

Linux VPS Hosting

Hosting based on virtual private servers (VPS) are offered by EasyCGI also. For this product, the servers are more private than the shared hosting. You will get the full administrator power on your allotted servers. Private name servers can be used for the hosting purposes. Anytime you will be able to install the necessary software or application to your server.

Very effective system monitoring is another great feature of the EasyCGI VPS. All the hardware will be monitored by this system regularly. That is why, the server performance will be perfect all the time. Your virtual private server will support unlimited email accounts and FTP accounts.

Multiple Pricing Plans

For each of the products or services, EasyCGI offers multiple plans. For an example, this company offers three different plans for the shared hosting service. Those plans are Advanced X, Advanced X2 and Advanced X4. Among those, Advanced X4 is the largest one which has 750 GB disk space and 7,500 GB bandwidth per month. To enjoy this one, you have to spend only 21.56 USD per month. You can order any plan powered by either Windows 2003 or Windows 2008.

All the Linux VPS Hosting plans are available for monthly billing and yearly billing system. If you get the Linux VPS X plan with monthly billing, then the price will be only 49.99 USD/month. And the same plan of EasyCGI can be enjoyed by paying 36.96 USD/month for yearly billing. So it can be said that, plans of all the products of this company are very impressive.