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We are offering here a nice 15% Easy Macro Recorder coupon on purchasing the product through our link. To get this discount, simply click on the link provided above. Then the price of the product will automatically be reduced. As simple as that.

Easy Macro Recorder Coupon

Review of Easy Macro Recorder

Sometimes it can be seen that some lesser known companies offer very useful products. And those products increase the popularities of those companies in quick time. And one day that company overtakes the popular ones. In case of the GoldSolution Software Company, the Easy Macro Recorder may do this task. This powerful utility has been liked by so many customers. There are so many tasks you have to work repeatedly on your computer. And that is why, much of your time should be spent. But these tasks can be done very easily with the help of the macros. This software will let you create and apply the macros very easily. If you liked the review of this product, then purchase it with the discount and coupon through our link. There is no need of any additional coupon code here. Here are some main features of this tool:

Records All Operations

The recording capability of this product is very impressive. The Easy Macro Recorder can record each event of the mouse and of the keyboards as well. For all types of Windows applications this product can record the macros. Recording of the macros is not the only thing. But the most important thing is to playback the recordings. The Easy Macro Recorder is capable of playing back all the macros as many times as you want. And another advanced feature of this product is the scheduling option. It will also you to set the schedule for playing back the macros. Then this software will do its tasks according to the schedules.

Impressive Pricing Plans and Coupon

The price of the Easy Macro Recorder depends on the number of units you will purchase at a time. Suppose you need only one unit of it. In that case, the price will only be $29.95 according to February 3, 2016. In this pricing, the coupon hasn’t been included. But for purchasing the more units at a time the cost per unit will be discounted. For example, if you purchase up to 9 products at a time, the price will be 22 USD/unit. Similarly, you can even purchase more than 500 units of it. The price will be only $6/unit in that case. Each of the units can be used on only one computer. The site license of the Easy Macro Recorder can also be purchased. In that case you have to contact with the GoldSolution Software team.

Very Easy to Use

There are some software which is suitable only for the programmers. But the Easy Macro Recorder is for everybody. Without knowing anything about programming, you can handle this with ease. The macro editor of this product is very impressive also. With several commands, it can be handled. This product is very efficient for running the macros. It will do those repetitive tasks just as a human can do. So you don’t have to worry about the accuracy at all. Very few negative things are present in Easy Macro Recorder. One of those is it is only compatible with Windows 7 and older versions of that OS.

So, if you think Easy Macro Recorder will be suitable for you, then get it a much affordable rate with the discount. We hope you enjoy the Easy Macro Recorder coupon.