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Services of eApps and Coupon Code

Hosting is very necessary for the personal websites as well as the websites of any type of business organizations or enterprises. The hosting provider companies offer various types of hosting and some of those also offer the backup solutions. The eApps Hosting Provider is such company which offers very high class cloud hosting with secured backup facilities. You can use the hosting and backup facilities of this for your different types of websites. So have the eApps promotion code when purchasing the cloud hosting. The coupon will help to get the same at reduced price.

Cloud Solutions of this Provider

When you will search for those hosting provider companies which provide cloud hosting then you will get thousands of those. But in reality very few hosting providers provide fully featured cloud for the hosting of the client website. The eApps is one of those providers and the features offered by this company for the clouds are very rich and perfect. The Rapid Elasticity is such facility, of the eApps clouds, for which you will be able to customize your resources very easily by considering your necessity. Another great feature of it is the Resource Pooling. This feature will help you to use the resources perfectly and that is why those will not be misused. Customer portals of the Clouds of eApps are very important because with the help of those all the resources can be managed.

eApps offers very powerful and easy to use control panels for the clouds and the clients will enjoy to control the aspects without any problem. For the self healing feature of this solution of the eApps, you will be able to recover the contents very easily from any software failure or accidental case. The resource usage should be monitored and controlled regularly and to do that the hosting offers the Resource Visibility feature with the Cloud. The automated service is one of the great advantages of the eApps Clouds.

Online Backup Services

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The online backup services of this company are also full of important features. Among different types of backup services, one of the important services is the control panel backup. For every operating system template there will be one control panel and from such, control panel necessary files and contents can be backed up very easily. eApps Hosting Provider offers the Basic Backup service which is suitable for those who need to create and store the backups from the virtual server very easily with the help of the customer portals. The schedule backup system is very essential feature of this backup service of the eApps Company.

The most powerful backup service of this company is the Enterprise Backup Service. If you want to create the backups of the highly confidential files and store those with maximum protection, then you can accept this service from eApps. Since the server manager software of this service, you will be able to take full control on the backup and recovery processes.

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