DynamicSync Discount: Receive Remarkable Coupon on Purchase

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Infusionsoft has become very much popular for email marketing and sales campaigns. This platform helps to create and run those campaigns very easily. By using some additional tools, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of this popular platform. DynamicSync is an even management app for Infusionsoft.

Short Review of the DynamicSync

The main task of an event management tool is to make the events more attractive. An attractive event can increase the attendance very easily. Many people ignore using this kind of tool. For this reason, attendance cannot be increased even the event is such useful. There are only few recommendable tools for this task. DynamicSync should be in that short list. This app is recommendable for all kinds of marketers and businessmen. Have this recommended DS with our discount coupon. The DynamicSync coupon will make the purchase really easy. We are suggesting this for following features:

Useful Event Scheduling

Whenever you will run any event, date, time, and place of that is very important to select. For single campaign, these information are easy to be handled. But while dealing with many of those, it becomes very difficult to maintain those information. That is why, DynamicSync provides very powerful event scheduling facility. All necessary information will be stored in the same place. Tagging attendees is another important feature of this app. For this feature, there will be more conversion. For increasing attendance rate, this app offers very efficient SMS reminder system which can be integrated to Infusionsoft.

Very Attractive Pricing and Discount of DS

Many people purchase DynamicSync because of its flexible pricing plans. Starter Plan of this product is available for only 19 USD per month excluding the discount. In one month, this solution can deal with 20 different attendees. 1 prebuilt Infusionsoft campaign and 20 SMS credits are added to this product. Compare to this one, Gold Plan is more cost effective. It is offered with 70 SMS credit and it is for 70 monthly attendees. As per this post creation date, cost of this license is only 39 USD. Most popular plan of DynamicSync is Platinum which is available for only 79 USD per month.

This one is capable of working with 200 attendees in each month. Industry experts will love Unlimited Plan of this event management app. The monthly cost of this plan is only 139 USD. In each month, it can work with unlimited attendees.

Print Necessary Tickets

Sometimes, for some events, you may need to create a printed ticket for attendees. DynamicSync is very helpful for doing so. Actually, it does so with the smartphone ticket scanner tool. These tickets will be perfect for tracking event attendance. Sometimes, some people may not use this Infusionsoft easily. For them, step-by-step videos are offered with this solution. DynamicSync also offers a powerful campaign builder solution. Some advanced tasks can be done by this additional tool. This app also has a program to update the campaigns accurately. Similarly, it is also helpful for updating websites.

So, please have the event promotion as well as management app with our coupon. Please do not hesitate to drop us an email if there is any inquiry regarding the DynamicSync discount.