Dragon Dictate Voice Recognition Software Review, Avail Pricing

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To take the advantage of the voice command to manage various types of operations to your Windows or Macintosh devices, you can use suitable voice recognition software. Very few software companies in this world provide such software for the Mac Computers and one of those companies is the Nuance. It has offered the Dragon Dictate which is very effective voice recognition solution for the Mac devices. It has various editions and here the similarities and differences of those editions have been highlighted.

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Nuance Dragon Dictate Review

The Nuance Dragon Dictate for Mac is such product which requires normal headset for receiving the voice commands. This is enough for the regular uses. This powerful voice recognition tool can perform with good efficiency. One of the biggest advantages of this is it will let you use your smartphone to give the voice commands. Direct commands or the recorded audio files can use for doing various operations by the Dragon Dictate for Mac.

The students, teachers, writers and persons of other professions can rely of this software for creating various types of documents. When you will play the audio file to give the commands to this product, you have to use one speaker only. It supports various sources for creating one large documents or doing any single operation. The whole Email account can manage by this software and your voice. This software is a 64 bit app for which it requires very good quality RAM and Processor of the Mac computer.

Common Features in Every Editions

The speed of the Nuance Dragon Dictate is very advanced. No matter which edition of it you will choose, that will show you very good working speed and so that all the necessary tasks can be done very quickly. Many apps can open and control by this voice recognition software. The social media are now the part of our life. By using this beautiful software, you can manage your social media accounts. It will let you update your status and comment on the others status very easily.

Some Major Differences

Actually the main advantage of the Dragon Dictate Wireless is it includes very advanced wireless headset using which you can easily input the voice commands. That means you can control your computer staying away from that and hence this product will increase the productivity. The price of the Dragon Dictate Wireless is only $299.99. Same price is valid for the Dragon Dictate Mobile which includes professional quality voice tracer device. That device can be used for recording the commands anytime and anywhere. The recorded audios can then use as the commands for the Dragon Dictate. If you want to get this product with cheap price then you can purchase the Dragon Dictate for Mac by only $199.99 as of 24 November 2014.