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It cannot be said that the Dr.Web is the best provider of the protection tools for various types of computers and mobile phones. But the products of this company can be considered as efficient, fast and useful.

Summary of the Products on Dr.Web

This company mainly provides the antivirus separately for different types of operating systems. So you can use the protection tools of the Dr.Web to different types of computers and mobile phones which are used for personal and business purposes. Main products of Dr.Web are:

Dr.Web Antivirus

Dr.Web Antivirus for Windows

It can be said that the most popular products of the Dr.Web software company are the Antivirus for Windows. The reasons behind the huge popularity of this software are high effectiveness, unique and important features. You may know about various types of protection tools which can remove the infected files from the targeted computers. But to do so, those can remove the files, which are full of necessary information.

Dr.Web Antivirus for Windows not only removes the viruses, but also get back the infected files to the original forms. This protection software can eliminate all types of viruses from the internal disks and the external drives of the computers. Even it can eliminate those deepest viruses which stay into the RAM. Dr.Web has very innovative program named the SelfPROtect which will never let any virus to make any damage to the other software and programs.

Dr.Web Antivirus for Mac OS

This is another very popular product of the Dr.Web software company. This protection software can be used for the protection of the Mac devices. It offers the Mac style user interface and that is why you will love to use it to your Mac. Various companies offers the antiviruses for Mac, but all of these cannot work efficiently without doing any harm to the performances of the targeted devices.

In this case, Dr.Web Antivirus for Mac OS is very much friendlier to the performance of any Mac. Even the speed of the Mac OS will never fall when this protection software will run its operations. One of the most important things about this software is it can complete almost all the operations for protecting your device automatically. So you don’t have to spend your valuable time to control all the operations of Dr.Web Antivirus for Mac OS.

Dr.Web Security Space

Almost all the companies, which provide the protection tools, offer such products which can be used in various types of devices. Similarly, Dr.Web offers such versatile product that is the Dr.Web Security Space which can be used to protect the Windows PCs, Macs, Linux computers and also the mobile phones. It offers all the features of the Dr.Web Antivirus when you will use this to those computers.

It also offers the parental control and anti-spam programs. If you use this to your smartphone, then you can browse or download anything without any tension because this protection tool will protect your phone from all types of online threats.