Pricing: Get Review for Website Domain Name and Hosting

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The online based activities are getting more popular in this modern time. In fact; it has become an essential part for maintaining all types of task in these days. The success in the online system depends on some factors. Among of these factors, domain and hosting system is a concerning one. For getting the domain and hosting services, many reliable companies exist in this industry. Among of them, is a trusted one.

The Activities on is such a dependable platform that, any user can picks up any type of domain from this platform according to the won choice. The registration process and the other functions are very flexible under the touch of


Hosting features under

For getting the hosting facilities from, you can pick up two platforms. These are: Windows based and the Linux based. Under each platform, there are some variations in the facilities. If you want to pick up any plan under the Windows based, then you will get Basic, Deluxe and the Ultra plan. For obtaining this package, you need to pay $4.75, $7.75 and $14.75 per month sequentially. All these packages offer the unlimited disk space and the bandwidth using policy. But in the Basic package, you will get a single domain system using policy. Besides, under the hosting category, you will obtain sub-domain facilities, MSSQL database system, site building option with drag and drop option and so on. Moreover, you will get DNS management system, ActivePerl, Web analytics templates and the Standard forwarding option.

Mailing System under

For the best online activities with your site, you need to assure custom Gmail and the Google apps. By using the Google apps, your mailing system can be enriched with the professional view. Here, you can get custom based email manipulation system, collaboration system with Google and the related facilities. To make your brand better, you need to optimize the site for the smart phone device, tablet PC and the laptops. Through this, you can easily configure this system. To get this function, $4.17 is need in every month.

Custom Based Website Designing

For the website designing process, you can rely on In the pro-level case, it requires $49.99 in each month. To catch the market, you need to fulfill your e-commerce based site with the needed conditions. After designing the site with the basic format, you can depend on It offers all the needed tools and the templates with the custom based options, by which anyone can preview any site with the professional quality. Besides, the content management system can be handled with the allowed tools of this. Moreover, the search engine optimization system is issued here with built-in process.